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Nature's Sleep


Nature's Sleep is a relatively new bedding manufacturer, established in 2004. It is the marketing name of Werner Media Partners, LLC. The specialty of this company is products featuring memory foam. They also sell a wood-framed foundation designed for use with memory foam mattresses. Nature's Sleep products include memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows, memory foam toppers, foundations & frames, memory foam slippers, and memory foam pet beds.

Nature's Sleep is based in Davie, Florida, where they also have a store. They also have factories and warehouses in several locations, including Boulder, CO, Edison, NJ, Miami, FL, Woodale, IL, Sussex, WI, Oakland, CA, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Nature's Sleep website presents their mission and philosophy as well as their environmental commitment. They say, "Our mission is to provide everybody with a better night's sleep at affordable prices. And we do it while maintaining a concern for our environment." They go on to say, "We have a passion for cost-effective, quality sleep innovations. Nature's Sleep offers you a high-end, low-cost alternative to those other memory foam mattresses. Our products use only the highest density memory foams, and all are designed with the highest concern for your health and hygiene."

As far as the environment is concerned, Nature's Sleep states, "We constantly design and re-engineer products and processes to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and minimize our carbon footprint. That's why we use renewable resources that return naturally to the earth. It's hard work, but we think it's worth it."

Cutaway view of Nature's Sleep Sapphire Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Nature's Sleep lists thirteen models of memory foam mattresses on their website. All but one of these models are all-foam mattresses (the Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress has an innerspring support unit of individually wrapped pocket coils). These models vary from 8" to 13" in height for bedroom mattresses and 4½" for the Gel Memory Foam Sofabed Sleeper Replacement Mattress.

Nature's Sleep bedding products can be purchased directly from the company, but they are also carried by or sold through a number of retailers, such as Costco, Houzz, US-Mattress, Amazon, Kmart, No More Rack, and Wayfair. All of these except Costco sell Nature's Sleep mattresses. Additionally, sale coupons for Nature's Sleep are available through Groupon.

Some of the retailers (retail partners) have different model names or models not exactly the same as counterparts on the manufacturer's website. First, as with other mattress manufacturers, some models are customized for specific retailers. Also, revision or updating of some mattress models may account for some of the discrepancies.

All memory foam mattresses of Nature's Sleep are designed in the United States. However, most are produced in both the U.S. and in China, and some in China alone.

Nature's Sleep has a 20-year (10+10) limited warranty on its mattresses. They do not have a sleep trial period, but several of their retail partners do.

2016 Update

Nature's Sleep has entered the mattress-in-a-box market with the Ghostbed, a latex-gel memory foam hybrid. Ghostbed has its own website to simplify ordering. is a proud member of these and other organizations