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PedicSolutions is a registered trademark of QVC, Inc., 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester PA 19380, therefore PedicSolutions is a house brand of QVC, the shopping network. The actual manufacturers of the PedicSolutions mattresses are not disclosed on the QVC website and were not discovered in an Internet search. Countries of manufacture include the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China.

On its website, QVC claims the advice of a chiropractor, Dr. Ana Lavdas, led it to partner with PedicSolutions™. She stresses the importance of sleep as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and points to the role of beds and mattresses in promoting good, restful sleep and avoiding sleep deprivation. They say, "Very simply, poor sleep leads to poor health, but well-balanced sleep leads to a well-balanced life." According to the account, Dr. Lavdas and QVC settled on memory foam as the key to good sleep.

The following paragraph is QVC's description of PedicSolutions:

"Created especially for QVC, PedicSolutions high-quality memory foam mattresses, pillows, toppers, and accessories adjust to your body’s individual shape and weight. Featuring breakthrough technology and innovative support, the visco memory foam envelopes every curve for better balance, comfort, and alignment. For customized comfort, fitting for any lifestyle, look no further than PedicSolutions Memory Foam Bedding."

PedicSolutions claims to use high density visco foam for their memory foam mattresses, even though the price is higher than that for lower density foam. The reason is that higher density foam is both higher performing and more durable. They also claim to use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities. PedicSolutions also states that their mattresses do not need to be flipped.

The prices of PedicSolutions mattresses sold through QVC are lower than those of the top brands of memory foam mattresses. QVC posts PedicSolutions mattresses on its website, is a proud member of these and other organizations