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The Purple Mattress is both new and not new. The founders of Purple, Tony and Terry Pearce, started manufacturing together in 1989. Their combined industrial experience in materials technology and manufacturing was applied in designing and building sporting goods and wheelchairs with carbon fiber, one of the high-tech materials.

Making wheelchairs led to developing better cushioning for them, a cushioning fluid named Floam, which was licensed by several companies for other cushioning uses, including medical care.

Purple was a step up from Floam. Introduced in the 1990s, Purple is a "hyper-elastic polymer," which is both soft and strong with an elasticity index of 15. It can be molded into cushions. Purple is heat sensitive without accumulating heat the way memory foam does. It will soften when there is more heat, giving way under inflamed joints for pressure relief.

Only recently, about 2012, the Pearce brothers began to work on the ability to make mattress sized slabs of Purple. They had made materials for mattress manufacturers, so this was not exactly new for them. They developed a machine, Mattress Max, to mold Purple in sizes big enough for a King-size mattress.

Purple's mattresses are available only online. They also sell the Purple Cushion in several sizes and styles.

Purple is located in Alpine, Utah. Their website is https://onpurple.com/.

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