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Sherwood Bedding Group


Sherwood Bedding Group was started in Florida in 2010 by the Ellman brothers. The brothers are the third generation of a family which has been in the bedding business for over 50 years. They moved to Florida from South Africa in 1974. According to the Sherwood Bedding, the family sold their mattress business to research new technologies and ways to make mattresses more efficiently and environmentally friendly. Five years later, they founded Sherwood Bedding and began to put what they had learned to work.

Currently, Sherwood Bedding lists six lines of mattresses: Sherwood, Lumina & Lumina Encore, EvoSleep, Limited Distribution Lines, Dunlopillo, and Commercial Hospitality. Another line will be added soon when Sherwood Bedding Group begins distribution in the United States of the Spink & Edgar luxury mattresses, based in Yorshire, England and currently distributed throughout Europe. This line features reliance on natural materials, such as wool from Northern England.

Most of the models are innerspring mattresses. The coil systems include double offset coils, VertiCoils, Dura-Coil double offset coils, and pocket coils. The other models have foam support cores, such as polyurethane foam, soy-based upholstery foam, and HD memory foam. These are latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and gel-foam mattresses.

Sherwood Bedding Group has three manufacturing and distribution centers currently in operation: Sherwood Southeast in Orlando, Florida; Sherwood Southwest in Carrollton, Texas; and Sherwood West in Phoenix, Arizona. three other centers are planned for Seattle, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

The large number of lines and series from Sherwood Bedding Group is the result of a conscious choice to offer variety in the mattress marketplace. The greater variety is in the comfort sections of the mattresses. The lesser variety is in the support system, because this is where Sherwood believes the quality of the mattress resides. Two of the support systems not found in Sherwood mattresses are Bonnell coils and continuous coils. And the systems used are the newer developments of offset and pocket coils. For instance, the VertiCoil Edge innerspring is an advanced development of Leggett & Platt Components.

Sherwood has a downloadable PDF brochure for each series of mattresses showing the construction of each model. For example, for the Dover Series of the Sherwood Mattresses line has an exploded view for each model (example of Dover Firm below).

Sherwood Dover Firm xpld view fr PDF
Labeled cutaway view from Sherwood Bedding PDF brochure for a series

Sherwood mattresses are available through several retailers across the United States, mostly in the lower-to-middle price range. Warranties vary by model. The warranty for a mattress is indicated by a 3-digit code on the label. Sherwood Bedding has a page on their website explaining each warranty. A few may have no warranty (Code 000), but I am not certain if any do–the code may exist just-in-case. However, retailers–such as Urban Mattress–generally state the warranties on the models they list. is a proud member of these and other organizations