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Sleep Therapy (Wickline Bedding)

Sleep Therapy is the brand of mattresses made by Wickline Bedding Company (now Wickline Bedding Enterprise - WBE). The company was founded in 1949 by Roy Wickline, who got his start in the bedding industry in 1935, during the Great Depression, by hand-crafting mattresses for a family-owned mattress manufacturer in Southern California.

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In 1979, Roy sold Wickline Bedding to Ray Malkiewicz. The Malkiewicz family ran Wickline until 2009, during the recession, when it was sold to an Asian mattress manufacturer in a bankruptcy settlement. Now American made Sleep Therapy mattresses are sold not only in the United States, but in Asian countries, including China, as well as Dubai and Kuwait in the Middle East. This is in response to an expanding Asian appetite for American products, especially among a growing middle class.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Sleep Therapy's market is strongest in the Southwest. Wickline Bedding Enterprise is located in Escondido, California. Its website is

On its own website, WBE labels itself, "A Leader in Technologically Advanced Sleep Systems for Over 65 Years." They cite the company's commitment: "Committed to design. Committed to technology. Committed to quality but most importantly, committed to your health and well being." On the Sleep Therapy website are pages titled Sleep Guide and Sleep Tips.

According to the company, Wickline's technology has the recognition of chiropractors, doctors and therapists as countering bad sleeping posture and the inability to sleep. Some of the benchmarks in this are its No Turn Technology, aerated gel latex, microfiber use, and technologically up-to-date fabrics.

Currently (2015), Sleep Therapy has three collections: Sleep Therapy 7.0, Sleep Therapy, and Natural Therapy.  Sleep Therapy 7.0 has three models: IndulgenceBlissful, and Caress. Sleep Therapy has four models: Horizon PlushHorizon Firm, Harmony, and Destiny. Natural Therapy has four models: Natural Therapy I, Natural Therapy II, Natural Therapy III, and Natural Therapy IV. The Natural Therapy mattresses feature natural materials, such as natural wool, natural latex, and unbleached organic cotton.

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