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Southerland Bedding

Southerland Bedding (Southerland, Inc.) is a mattress manufacturer located in Nashville, Tennessee. The history of the company begins in 1893 with a small mattress company in Evansville, Indiana, which later became part of the Southerland Family. The name Southerland is from J. D. Southerland, who entered the mattress business in Nashville in 1924. The Evansville company joined Southerland sometime between 1929 and 1965. The company is now employee owned.

Southerland Bedding has two manufacturing plants in Nashville and one each in Phoenix, Arizona and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It acquired Advanced Sleep Concepts of Rome, Georgia, an Englander licensee, in December 2014 and is moving production to Nashville, where it will produce Englander mattresses. It also makes bedding with the Sharper Image brand under license.

Omni mattress

Southerland designs and produces seven mattress lines of its own: ReFresh, Omni, Southerland, Sleep Essence, American Sleep, American Excellence, and Sleep Xpressions. ReFresh models are latex mattresses with PCMs, and Omni models are memory foam mattresses with gel. The other lines consist of innerspring mattresses, with Southerland, American Sleep, and Sleep Xpressions relying on offset coils (alternating coil LFK springs), while Sleep Essence and American Excellence have pocket coils. Two other Southerland brands are named on their warranty registration page: Ameri-Gel and Majestic. Ameri-Gel is found on several retailers' sites.

Southerland's ReFresh line features Talalay latex. Latex is resilient, not surprising as it is also called rubber. It may be completely natural, synthetic, or a blend of the two. Latex foam is breathable and resists bacteria and fungi. It is conforming, but with a lift instead of sinking, and has a virtually instant response to changes in position. Phase change materials are used to regulate temperatures, to cool down a warm body and warm up a cool one. these mattresses have from 5" to 10" of latex. The composition of the support core is not specified.

Omni is Southerland's line of gel memory foam mattresses. Like latex, memory foam is conforming. But it "remembers" a position and sinks in more than latex, having more of a cocooning feel. This evens out support for the whole body, relieving pressure on hips, shoulders, knees, etc. Also, memory foam tends to accumulate heat, so the memory foam in Omni mattresses is open-cell for breathablility. It is also infused with micro-beads of gel to increase its support while carrying heat away for cooling. They have a 2-stage Omalon support core.

The offset coils in the Southerland, American Sleep, and Sleep Xpressions lines use Alternating Coil Technology. These coils, an LFK variation, alternate in the direction of their turns. This counters any tendency of the innerspring to lean one direction or the other, making it more stable. They are zoned for more support in the center third of the mattress, where most of the body weight is and where lumbar support is needed.

Omalon Support Core - -  Alternating Offset Coils - - Wrapped Pocket Coils

The remaining two lines, Sleep Essence and American Excellence, have individually wrapped pocket coils. Sleep Xpressions has pocket coils in addition to the offset coils. These respond independently to conform to a sleeper's body contours for pressure relief and dampen motion transfer to reduce partner disturbance.

The price range of Southerland mattresses makes them a lower-cost alternative to better-known equivalent models.

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