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Spindle, LLC


Spindle, LLC, also known as Spindle Mattress, is a relatively new mattress manufacturer (starting sometime in 2012) located in Acton, Massachussetts. It sells its mattresses online directly to consumers. It specializes in latex mattresses, which are made of organic materials in their Acton facility.

Although the Spindle, LLC, mattress company is new, it was started and is run by someone with extensive mattress manufacturing and marketing experience from, according to the Spindle "About Us" page, four generations in the mattress industry.

The current mattress listed is the Abscond 10'' Latex Mattress. A previous mattress was the Astylar - 10" Latex Mattress (actually 11" in height). These sell for less than $1,000, a fraction of the prices usually charged for latex mattresses.  

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