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Sterling Sleep Systems


Sterling Sleep Systems is the senior component of Sterling/APPF, Inc. Founded in 1987, Sterling is privately owned. APPF (American Pacific Plastic Fabricators) is the manufacturing arm of the corporation. Sterling is located in Garden Grove, a city in Orange County, California.

Sterling Sleep is about more than sleep. It has a wide array of products used by medical institutions, the military, aerospace and hospitality industries, and the consumer bedding market. Most of their products are sleep related, while some are used in cushioning.

Mattresses are at the core of Sterling Sleep System's offerings. This is shown on the home page of their website. The tab links across the page read, "Waterbeds, Luxury Innersprings, Replacement Parts, Latex & Memory Foam Beds." Three of these are obvoiusly types of mattresses, and replacement parts for these are under the 3rd tab.


That the first tab is for waterbeds reflects the reality that this is the Sterling Sleep product line consumers are the most familiar with. Sterling Sleep hardside and softside waterbeds are prominent on major waterbed retail sites, and are also available on Amazon. The year Sterling Sleep Systems was started is the year sales of waterbeds reached their high-water mark, 22% of the domestic mattress market.

Sterling Sleep is also well-known for their innerspring mattresses. These are the staple of their hospitality sales. This is also the product line which has garnered awards for the company. The pocket coil hospitality mattresses have a modular design which allows the hotels to replace damaged parts or sections instead of scrapping the entire mattress. The awards for this design are for reducing costs for hotels and for reducing landfill waste.

Little noticed is the Sterling Sleep Systems line of latex and memory foam mattresses. Little noticed, but worthy of notice. Here the modular concept increases consumer choice. It also increases flexibility for hospitality use of specialty sleep beds. Sterling headlines this line as, "One Bed, 4 Firmness Options for Each Sleeper."

What does this mean? Latex and memory foam components in Sterling's foam mattresses are interchangeable. So if the users want a different feel, they just rearrange the layers. They can replace memory foam with latex, or vice versa. You can change a memory foam mattress into a latex mattress. For a two-sleeper bed, you can have memory foam on one side, latex on the other. Flip. Turn around. Unzip. move tings around, re-zip, and you have a new mattress.

Economically, this makes sense for the consumer as well as for hotels. Top layers are usually the first in a foam mattress to break down. Replacing them is less expensive than buying a new mattress.

The easiest Sterling Sleep mattresses for consumers to find are the waterbeds. Though not as popular as in the 70s and 80s, they are still an important segment of the bedding marketplace, since they do relieve pressure and back pain. Sterling Sleep Systems is an important player in this market.

Sterling Sleep Systems can be contacted at:

Sterling Sleep Systems /APPF Inc.
7311 Doig Dr.
Garden Grove, CA 92841

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