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Technogel Sleeping, a manufacturer of bedding products (mattresses, pillows, foundations), is a division of Technogel, a joint venture of two family owned European companies, based in Italy and Germany. The Italian branch is responsible for consumer products, including bedding products. These products feature the use of the material for which the company is named, Technogel®, which is patented by Bayer Material Science. "Sleeping Redefined" is the tagline for Technogel Sleeping.


History (from the Technogel Sleeping website)

The history of Technogel® started in 1990 with the Royal Medica establishment. At that time, Bayer Material Science used a special "gel" to produce small batches of anti-decubitus cushions for long-stay patients. Royal Medica, founded by Massimo Losio out of the Selle Royal Group, immediately understood the potential of the gel material and together with the expertise of the “Istituto di Bioingegneria del Politecnico di Milano” (Milan Polytechnic Bio-engineering Institute) designed an anti-decubitus cushion with special geometric features that maximized the gel elasto-mechanical properties. In a short period of time, the company released a complete range of wheelchair cushions, operating theatres and various supports for disabled people. Royal Medica became a well known producer in the medical and gel industry. Following its success in the medical field, in 1997 the company decided to broaden its application range of gel comfort products to other industries connected with seating. For this reason Royal Medical started to work for the office furniture market, producting seat cushions, armrests and ergonomic accessories for personal computers. The diversification plan followed then with the walking/shoes industry, producing inserts and insoles for footwear manufacturers.

In 1998, Royal Medica started a joint-venture with Otto Bock GmbH, which the two companies called "Technogel®", the namesake of the gel material originally developed by Bayer Material Science. Through further research, and thanks to the expertise of Otto Bock technicians, Technogel®'s benefits considerably improved, offering new functions such as reduced weight, transparency, colours... In the meantime, while maintaining the constant mission of "making your world more comfortable", Technogel® has developed applications in other fields, such as industrial components for vibration dampening, automotive parts, bike seats, mattresses and pillows. The gorundbreaking application of Technogel to bedding products, has developed a new company division, called Technogel Sleeping, that is producing and distributing with its own brand, high-end mattresses and pillows all around the world. Technogel® is also become a very well-known material in architecture, design, and art. Architects, Designers, and Artists, fascinated by Technogel's peculiar elastic properties, have chosen to use it to convey symbolic contents and emerging values of new lifestyles in original arrangements. Technogel® products have so far been displayed at important events and venues, such as the MoMa Museum of Modern Art (New York), Triennale (Milan), Fuorisalone (Milan), International Motorshow of Geneva and Tokyo and others.


About Technogel® (from the Technogel Sleeping website)

Technogel is an unique “soft solid” material, that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory shape of a solid. It’s a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance (made without using oils or platicizers), at first developed for the medical field and now used in a wide range of applications, always exploiting the comfort added value it can provide.

Visit the “touch” section to explore the benefits it can give in “walking”, “sitting”, “sleeping” and “medical” applications. Visit the “inspiration” section to understand our philosophy, how we work and how a successful “gel project” may born.


Three mattress models (or series) are listed on the Technogel Sleeping website: Estasi+, Armonia, and Sollievo. A fourth model, Piacere, may be found on retailers' sites, and the Technogel Sleeping page will be in online search results. This year, Technogel Sleeping introduced a new luxury line, Vive.  

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