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The Healing Company


The Healing Company, also known as HEALCO, is an online retailer which specializes in memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows. The Healing Company claims to use products which are manufactured in the United States under higher quality control and with no toxins. According to their website,, some foreign manufacturers have irregularities in their foam, and the foam itself could potentially contain toxins. The brand name of memory foam mattresses and toppers marketed by The Healing Company is "SleepAid," and apparently this brand is only available direct from The Healing Company.

While researching The Healing Company, it was easy to determine that the business is headquartered at 545 2nd Street # 2, Encinitas, CA 92024. You can also reach The Healing Company by phone at 1-800-974-5154. Some of the information which would typically include about a bed manufacturer, especially the amount of time they have been in business, was not available on the company’s website (however, according to their site, The Healing Company has been supplying memory foam toppers and mattresss pads to military personnel since 2002). Lack of a specific date is not detrimental to the quality of the beds produced, but is still valuable information when helping you come to a conclusion about the history of a manufacturer. We did see some information on the website with which we do not agree. We have since spoken with the management at The Healing Company, who agreed that this information was not correct and would have the proper information updated to the site quickly.

The Healing Company originally stated on their F.A.Q. page that ILD of memory foam is misleading and that the ILD of a foam is used to confuse shoppers intentionally. ILD is actually a measurement of how much weight is required to compress a sample of foam to one-quarter of its original thickness. ILD actually measures resistance. ILD is a direct reference to the amount of pressure felt as you compress the foam more completely.

The Healing Company does offer some benefits which will give shoppers some extra peace of mind if they decide to purchase a bed from The Healing Company, such as the 90 day return period and up to 20 year warranty. The prices are also reasonable across the board when compared to beds with similar designs and types of foam. is a proud member of these and other organizations