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A Seattle, Washington, company, ExoMotion LLC, which specializes in mobility equipment for special needs persons, is now Thomashilfen North America (TNA), a division (or partner) of Thomashilfen, based in Germany.

At the 2015 Summer Market in Las Vegas TNA introduced the German engineered Thevo Therapy Mattress. The new mattress is designed for the retail bedding market in North America. It is based on special needs mattresses made by Thomashilfen and sold under the Thevo brand to healthcare providers and special needs equipment suppliers.

On its site, Thomashilfen North America lists nine Thevo mattresses and two Thevo chairs. Several of these are listed on special needs and healthcare sites such as Tadpole Adaptive and RehabMart.

The names of all the matresses listed by Thomashilfen North America begin with "Thevo" and end with a descriptive word or phrase. Here is the list of Thevo brand items as of September 2015:

ThevoRelief - Pain Care Mattress
ThevoVital - Dementia Care Mattress
ThevoCalm - Parkinson's Care Mattress
ThevoCare - Professional Care Mattress
ThevoautoActiv - Pressure Ulcer Mattress
ThevoActiv - Pressure Ulcer Active Mattress
ThevoFlex - Wheelchair User Mattress
ThevoSleepingStar - Sensory Support Mattress
ThevoSleepingStar A - Sensory Support Active Mattress
ThevoChair - The Mobility Chair
ThevoMulti - The Active Chair

The other products of ExoMotion d.b.a. Thomashilfen North America are all mobility products. The prodct lines are Pediatric Wheelchairs, Activity/Therapy Chairs and Car Seats.

Thomashilfen North America (a.k.a. ExoMotion LLC) is located in Seattle at 309 S Cloverdale St. Ste. B12, Seattle, WA 98108-4545. The phone numbers are 206-842-0955 and 866-870-2122. The website is The company also has an interesting Facebook page. is a proud member of these and other organizations