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Transfer Master

Transfer Master Products, Inc. makes adjustable beds and specialty mattresses for healthcare and mobility, whether in hospitals, in nursing care facilities, or at home. Founded in 1993, the company focuses on the health of users, more on quality of life than on lifestyle. The overwhelming majority of Transfer Master dealers and distributors are healthcare and mobility equipment providers. This contrasts with consumer oriented major adjustable bed manufacturers, whose major outlets are bed and mattress retailers.

However, while most Transfer Master products are directly applicable to healthcare and mobility, they also make Companion Beds for use by companions of healthcare & mobility beds users. A Companion Bed can be paired with certain Transfer Master models for a Split King bed, with one side designed for the special needs user.

Certain terms used in the names of Transfer Master beds indicate target needs. For instance, Floor Hugger models are designed to make it easier for a mobility challenged user to get into and out of bed, and Hi-Low beds can be adjusted to heights off the floor which facilitate health care providers in (1) transferring a patient to/from the bed and a gurney or wheelchair, etc., and (2) working on a patient efficiently and ergonomically.

The tabs on the Transfer Master website name four classifications of their products: Adjustable Beds, Hospital Beds, Bariatric Beds, and Specialty Mattresses. Except for Specialty Mattresses, all of these categories are covered here on Beds.Org under Adjustable Beds. Adjustable Beds includes healthcare and companion beds suitable for home use. Hospital Beds models are designed specfically for institutional use. Both of the previous classifications include Bariatric Beds, which are engineered for heavier users. Specialty Mattresses are made for certain needs of bedridden persons. Besides these tabs, Transfer Master also has Bedding Store Beds, Home Medical Adjustable Beds, Sleep Lab Beds, and Home Furnishings, catergories which include products in the tabbed categories. However, Bedding Store Beds (the two Supernal systems) can be customized for the stores and their customers.

Supernal Recliner with Optional Hi-Low
Supernal Recliner Hi-Low

The Adjustable Beds classification includes five models: Supernal Recliner Bed System, Supernal Hi-Low Bed System, New Companion, Companion HD, and Companion SHD.

Hospital Grade Night Rider HD
Hospital Grade Night Rider HD

The Hospital Beds classification consists of 17 beds: Supernal Hi-Low Bed System, Floor Hugger, Night Rider, Night Rider HD, Night Rider SHD, Hospital Grade Night Rider HD, Hospital Grade Night Rider SHD, Companion HD, Companion SHD, Hospital Grade Companion HD, Hospital Grade Companion SHD, New Valiant Hospital Bed, Hospital Grade Valiant HD, Hospital Grade Valiant SHD, Global Valiant HD, The Valiant HD, and The Valiant SHD.

Valiant HD

Twelve heavy-duty beds for heavier patients are listed as Bariatric Beds: Night Rider HD and Night Rider SHD, Hospital Grade Night Rider HD and Hospital Grade Night Rider SHDCompanion HD and Companion SHD, Hospital Grade Companion HD and Hospital Grade Companion SHD, The Valiant HD and The Valiant SHD, Hospital Grade Valiant HD and Hospital Grade Valiant SHD.

Group II
Group II

Transfer Master has six Specialty Mattresses, including PressureGuard Turn Select MattressPressureGuard CFT Mattress, PressureGuard APM2 Mattress, PressureGuard Easy Air, Ascent I Mattress, and Soft Touch Mattress.

The company has the following note under the description of each of their products: Transfer Master beds are for purchase only. We accept most major credit cards, domestic checks, some insurance and purchase orders from major institutions and businesses (oac). We do not bill medicare or medicaid. "For purchase only" means that Transfer Master does not lease this equipment to users.

Warranty terms differ according to the specific product, reflecting Transfer Master's diverse offerings.

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