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United States Watermattress (USW) in Baltimore, Maryland, was established in 1983 when waterbeds were rising in popularity. The current president is Venkatram Vasudevan.

USW is a significant supplier in the waterbed segment of the mattress market. Unlike many other waterbed manufacturers, they produce only waterbeds and airbeds.

The United States Watermattress market extends beyond North America into other areas of the globe. For instance, they supply water cores to DanAja in Slovenia.

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The three USW product lines are Hardsides, Softsides and Airbeds. Softsides are divided into Softside Mattresses and Softside Systems. Eight Hardside models are named and described on the United States Watermattress website, along with seven Softside Mattresses, six Softside Systems, and six Airbeds.

Among North American retailers selling waterbeds by United States Watermattress are The Waterbed Doctor, ABC Waterbed Outlet, Wayfair, and Waterbeds Today. Besides these are local and regional waterbed outlets.

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