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University Sleep Products, Inc.


University Sleep Products, Inc. of Richmond, Indiana, began in 1905 in Anderson, Indiana (home of Anderson University) as the Anderson Mattress Company. The current head of the firm is the grandson of the founders. Early on, they began making mattresses for college residence halls, which is now their sole business. In 2001, Anderson Mattress Company changed its name to reflect the focus of the business.

According to the company, "University Sleep Products has been the pioneer in residence hall mattress technology, durability, and safety since 1905. Developed by an MIT-trained engineer, our products set the standard for quality on all specifications in the industry." The clientelle of USPI consists of "hundreds of colleges and universities." University Sleep Products is a listed Supply Partner for Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing, a not-for-profit cooperative of educational and health care institutions.

The features of USPI products and services include "Advanced Integrity 30® fire safety fabric technology" for flame resistance, "SafeSleep™ anti-microbial fabric" to guard against bio-hazards, dual firmness, so the user can switch between "plush firm" and "extra firm" by flipping the mattress, and lock-stitched side seams (rather than taped) to discourage bedbugs, and environmentally friendly and charitable practices.

"Advanced Integrity 30® fire safety fabric technology" in University Sleep Products mattresses meets the requirements of the State of California, the Boston Fire Department, and the federal Consumer Products Safety Code.

University Sleep Product's "SafeSleep™ anti-microbial fabric" is to be a barrier against biological hazards as well as stains, and be cleanable as well.

Mattresses produced by University Sleep Products, Inc. have comfort padding on either side of the innerspring unit. The padding is plusher on one side and firmer on the other, so a student can change the firmness level by turning the mattress over.

University Sleep Products, Inc. has designed their mattresses to prevent bedbug infestation. The side seams of their mattresses are inverted and lock-stitched, denying the bedbugs a place to hide. These are touted as "the most bedbug resistant in the country." USPI also produces retrofit mattress covers to protect conventional from bedbugs.

The environmental practices cited by University Sleep Products, Inc. are:
* Delivery and installation
* Uninstallation and removal
* Recycling old mattresses

They also work with their clients to donate usable old mattresses to non-profit organizations.  

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