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Workbench Furniture


Workbench Furniture, also known as The Workbench, was a premier seller of contemporary furniture.  Warren Rubin established Workbench in 1955 in Greenwich  Village, New York City.  It became a chain with over 29 Stores in several states, selling all categories of furniture, including beds and mattresses.  In June, 2003 Workbench Furniture filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and in September of that year liquidation began.

Online reviews and comments indicate a strong consumer following of Workbench Furniture and its products.  This covered the quality and durability of its products as well as its customer service.

For several years, a furniture art gallery, Gallery at Workbench, was located at the main store in Greenwich Village.  Several well-known artists have displayed their works there and have shows at Gallery on their curricula vitae (resumes).

Workbench Furniture may no longer exist, but it is memorialized in a Facebook page: Workbench Contemporary Furniture.

Among the mattresses sold by Workbench Furniture was a latex model which is reviewed here.  

Here are the current reviews for beds from "Workbench Furniture (The Workbench)" is a proud member of these and other organizations