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Zedbed is a manufacturer of specialty (non-spring) mattresses located in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Among retailers carrying Zedbed products is Sears Canada. Zedbed's market includes not only Canada, but the US as well. Besides mattresses, it manufactures pillows and adjustable beds.

The Zedbed website is in Canadian French, but there is a link to open the English version. More than just a translation, it reads as though written in English. It has a lot of information about the company and its materials and processes, but does not list individual models within its four series.

Not only does the company make mattresses, it makes its own memory foam. According to Zedbed, they are "the only manufacturer to use naturally renewable oils in its high-density memory foams. And we're the only one in North America whose formulations feature soybean and coconut oils." They also claim specially high-density foams as the reason for their 25-year warranty. They have a list of 10 things for which Zedbed foams are approved by CertiPURE-US.

From the Zedbed website, this is the company's history:

Our history

Zedbed: a sweet bedtime story

1994: Literies Champlain opens its doors in April as a manufacturer of traditional mattresses in Grand-Mère, Quebec.

1995: An electric (adjustable) bed is added to the company's mattress and box spring line. Demand takes off but availability is limited, as Literies Champlain is one of the few companies distributing this type of adjustable bed.

1996−1999: The company develops its own electric bed after studying European models. Its adjustable model is one of the first in the higher-end segment to be manufactured entirely in Quebec.

The new decade dawns with the launch of a premier adjustable bed collection sold under the name Zedbed. The company is the first to manufacture both bed and mattress.

2002: Literies Champlain changes its name to Zedbed, inspired by the success of its eponymous adjustable bed collection, and launches a new collection of 100% memory foam mattresses. Spring mattress production and direct sales are discontinued to focus on building a distribution network of furniture and bedding retailers.

2004: Zedbed decides to manufacture Zedpur, a proprietary memory foam, at its Grand-Mère plant. The company's original facilities are retooled for the pouring of memory foam blocks and pillows.

Participation in Toronto trade shows helps fuel continued growth.

2006: Company engineers reformulate Zedpur, substituting soybean oil—a renewable resource—for some of the hydrocarbons used in production. Zedbed Nature, a mattress and pillow collection, is launched.

2007: Zedbed acquires the only machine in North America that can stitch fabric directly in over 2 inches of memory foam, improving mattress production dramatically.

2008: Zedbed creates ZX foam and sets its sights on developing the U.S. market.

2009: Zedbed acquires a second plant, located in Shawinigan, doubling its production capacity.

2010: Zedbed develops R2, a quick response memory foam.

2011: Among the year's highlights is the filing of the company's first patent application, for production of an eco-friendly memory foam with embedded gel crystals.

Besides Zedpur memory foam, materials used by Zedbed include natural latex, "environmentally responsible" glue, gel crystals, sustainable wood, rayon from bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Foundation choices offered with Zedbed mattresses include box springs and adjustable beds, both made by the firm.

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