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Ashley-Sleep Mattresses Reviews

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Ashley-Sleep Mattresses

Ashley-Sleep mattresses and foundations are designed and manufactured by >Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. of Arcadia, Wisconsin. There are three series of Ashley Sleep mattresses: Memory Foam, Latex, and Gel. The Memory Foam Series has five models: Ellis Bay, Palisades, Leesport, Augusta, and Dylan (child's). Three models are in the Latex Series: Lisbon, Bonaire, and Avalon. And there are four Gel Series models: iAshley Gel 1400, iAshley Gel 1200, iAshley Gel 1000, and iAshley Gel 800.

Memory Foam Series

Ashley-Sleep calls the material featured in this series of mattresses Advanced Memory Foam, claiming that it "offers an ultra-comfortable mattress that's infused with the latest sleep innovations." they say it provides "superior support . . . with Ashley-Sleep® Technology. Proper body alignment is the key to avoiding bothersome tossing and turning." Ashley-Sleep uses what they call a "Torso Tec lumbar support layer" to conform the mattress to the user's body shape, relieving pressure points.

Ashley-Sleep also promises that their memory foam mattresses will be "Fresh & Clean" through the use of active charcoal and green tea extract, two ingredients used by several other manufacturers to keep mattresses fresh, dry, and odor-free.

Another claim of Ashley-Sleep is that their memory foam mattresses are "Good for you & the planet." They say that this is by the use of less oil and petro-chemicals in the making their memory foam.

The 15" Ellis Bay is the top mattress of the Memory Foam Series. Its comfort level is Ultra Plush, and it is available only in Queen, King and California King sizes.

The six layers of the Ellis Bay start at the top with the zippered 1" quilted cover. The Jacquard fabric is quilted to a fire barrier, an inch of memory foam, and a non-woven backing. Beneath the cover of the Ellis Bay mattress are 2" of ventilated 3-lb. memory foam, 1" of R3 foam, 2" of ventilated 4-lb. memory foam, the 2" Torso Tec and memory foam layer, and 7" of high resilience polyurethane foam. The Ellis Bay does not need flipping, and it has handles on each side.

The 12" plush Palisades mattress has four comfort layers. The quilted, zippered, jacquard cover is the same as on the Ellis Bay. The inner composition is similar to the Ellis Bay, but only has the 2" 3-lb. ventilated foam, the memory foam/Torso Tec layer, and the 7" polyurethane base core. It also has handles and is non-flippable.

The Leesport mattress is 10" high, and the comfort level is Firm. The zippered jacquard cover is not quilted with foam. The ventilated 3-lb memory foam layer is 2.5" thick, the memory foam/Torso Tec layer 2", and the polyurethane base layer 5.5". Like the aabvoe models, it has handles and is one-sided.

Ashley-Sleep claims that the Augusta is "A perfect combination of pressure relief and a ventilated top layer designed to create an ideal sleep environment." This firm mattress is only 8" high with only two layers: 1.5" of memory foam/Torso Tec, and 4.5" of polyurethane base support foam. Like the previous models, the Augusta is non-flipping and has handles.

Dylan is the children's mattress. It is 6" high with 2" of 2.5-lb Advance Memory Foam and 4" of 1.72-lb polyurethane that has 28-lbs of compression. The cover is 100% polyester, has a non-skid bottom, and is has 1/2 oz. of Fire Barrier quilted in.

Latex Series

The signature feature of the Ashley-Sleep Latex Series is the "eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, renewable materials" used in the mattresses. These materials are natural latex, Tencel (heat dissipater made from wood pulp), and natural seed oils. Altogether, according to Ashley-Sleep, these natural materials combined with the design and manufacturing processes should reduce the use of petroleum and petro-chemicals while keeping sleepers cool and meeting/exceeding flame retardancy standards.

The Ultra Plush Lisbon, at 14 inches high, is the highest of the Latex Series mattresses by Ashley-Sleep. The 40% Tencel Surface cover fabric helps keep a sleeper cool and dry. The top comfort layer is 7 inches of R3 foam. This is followed by 2 inches of natural latex and 5 inches of high-density support foam. The cover is zippered and the mattress is one-sided.

The middle model of Ashley-Sleep's Latex Series is Bonaire, a 12" Plush mattress. Where it differs with the Lisbon is the thicknesses of the top 2 layers. The R3 is 51/2", the natural latex 11/2", and the HD support foam 5".

According to Ashley-Sleep, the 10" Avalon mattress "Provides a perfect combination of comfort and support from the top down which flawlessly creates your ideal sleep environment." Its comfort level is Firm. The top comfort layer is 4" of R3 foam, the middle 1" of natural latex, and the bottom 5" of HD support foam. Like the other Latex models, the Avalon has Tencel in the cover to wick away moisture and heat from the sleepers.

Gel Series

Coolness! That's the selling point of the Gel Series by Ashley-Sleep. That is why so many brands of memory foam mattresses have gel-infused foam. The gel acts as a heat sink, absorbing heat from the users and conducting it away. This counters the natural tendency of memory foam to accumulate heat and becoming hot. Ashley-Sleep uses a version of this gel-infused memory foam called "Nu Wave Gel Technology." They claim that it is "5-times cooler than leading gel mattresses, providing the ultimate temperature-correct sleeping surface." Each of the Gel Series mattresses has an "InviroGel Cooling Layer" of ventilated gel memory foam over a "PolyFoam Support Layer." Where they differ is in the thicknesses of these layers.

Not only does Ashley-Sleep tout the coolness of their Gel Series, they promote their "Ecofusion," which they claim "uses 30% less oil than conventional foams to reduce our carbon footprint." In addition, they use the natural products activated charcoal and green tea extract to combat odors and reduce accumulated moisture.

The 14" Ultra Plush iAshley Gel 1400 is the highest, plushest of the Gel Series mattresses by Ashley-Sleep. The InviroGel layer is 8", and the support layer 6".

The Gel Series mattress iAshley Gel 1200 is 12" high. With a 6" InviroGel layer and 6" support layer, its comfort level is Plush.

Ashley-Sleep's iAshley Gel 1000 mattress, the third in the Gel Series, is Firm. It is 10" high with 41/2" of InviroGel and 51/2" of PolyFoam.

The lightest mattress of the Gel Series by Ashley-Sleep is the iAshley Gel 800. It is 8" high, and its comfort level is Firm. The InviroGel Cooling ventilated memory foam layer and the PolyFoam Support Layer are 4" each.


Ashley-Sleep mattresses are available at Ashley Furniture Homestore locations in North America as well as at several other retailers. Each mattress is packaged in a box with compression technology. Each Ashley-Sleep mattress and foundation carries a 7-year limited warranty.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Ashley-Sleep Mattresses

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Ashley-Sleep - Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc

  • Location

    One Ashley Way Arcadia, WI 54612 (608) 323-3377

  • Bed Classification

    Memory Foam, Latex, Gel

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    Various, depending on series and model

  • Mattress Edge Support

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Varies by model

  • Total Mattress Height

    10 to 15 inches, depending on model

  • Bed Foundation

    Ashley foundation (platform)

  • Special Features

  • Sleep Trial


  • Bed Warranty

    7 year limited

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

  • Website


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It is very comfortable.

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