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Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is one of three series of innerspring mattresses by Eastman House Bedding (EHB). The other two series are the Traditions Collection and the English Hand Tufted Collection. The coils in each series are encased coils (better known as pocket coils). The remaining two EHB series are of non-coil mattresses, with latex mattresses in the Latex Collection and memory foam mattresses in the Specialty Collection.

Coil densities and heights set these series apart. In Traditions and Hand Tufted, it is 941 coils in a Queen size mattress, but in Hand Tufted the coils are 8" high. There are 713 coils in a Heritage Queen size. The coil heights for Traditions and Heritage are not specified, but the implication is that they are shorter then the English Hand Tufted coils.

The Heritage Collection has three models listed on the EHB site, all named Seabreeze. With their approximate heights, they are Seabreeze Firm 5308 (1½"), Seabreeze Plush 5309 (11"), and Seabreeze Pillow Top 5310 (11¼"). They also have alternate model names: Windsor, Ultimate and Gladstone. There are likely other models not on the site, made by licensees, as well as models customized for specific retailers. These are sold under different model names.

As with all other EHB coil mattresses, the Heritage models have Eastman's Spinal Zone Sleep System. A rod lighter than the main perimeter rod encircles the top of the center section coils to bolster them, since they are under the heaviest area of the body.

The coils in Heritage Collection mattresses are encased in individual fabric pockets to keep them in place (the pockets are attached to each other) and to keep them from entangling each other. Pocket coils respond independently to the weight of the sleeper's body. As the larger parts press down the coils under them, other coils support the recessed parts. This relieves pressure on the hips and shoulders while maintaining support for the lower spine. The independent response also means motion is not transferred from one sleeper to the other.

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The encased coil innerspring is bolstered by foam encasement. Besides stabilizing the array of coils, this also supports the edge of the sleeping surface, working together with the perimeter rod. The foam rails may have butterfly-shaped wire springs embedded in them. This is Eastman's LifeEdge System.

Each Heritage model has a layer of cushion firm upholstery foam just above the coils. The height of this layer is not listed, but the role of this layer is to transition support from the coils to the comfort layers. This is graded support, which helps the mattress to respond as a unit.

The three differ in the next layer up. In the Firm 5308 (Windsor), this is pads of precompressed cotton and polyester. The other two models have Eastman Comfort Foam, cushion foam in the Plush 530 (Ultimate), and plush in the Pillow Top 5310 (Gladstone).

The Pillow Top 5310 has another section, a 3" high pillow top. This is filled with ultra plush Eastman Comfort Foam.

All three models have a quilted cover. The fabric is not stated for the listed models, but advanced features for select models includes Belgian damask of organic cotton. The cover is quilted to Eastman's quilting foam: cushion firm in the Firm 5308 and Plush 5309, and plush in the Pillow Top 5310. Select models have hand-tufting.


All of these foams are varieties of Eastman House's Harvest Polyurethane.The claim is that this polyurethane foam is plant-based, meaning that it contains plant-derived oils.

Other ingredients in some Heritage Collection mattresses are latex, memory foam and gel-infused foams.

Some models not named here may have a coil-on-coil configuration. Eastman House does have a triple coil-on-coil configuration. It is three continuous coil innersprings stacked and bound to each other.

The non-prorated warranty from Eastman House Bedding is from 5 to 10 years.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Eastman House Heritage Collection

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Eastman House Bedding

  • Location

    1375 Jersey Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

  • Bed Classification

    Innerspring (pocket coils)

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    713 pocket coils, cushion firm foam transition layer, various comfort layers, one model has 3-inch pillow top

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Foam encasement

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Quilted with fire barrier and quilting foam

  • Total Mattress Height

    About 10.5, 11 and 11.75 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    Solid-top box foundation or platform bed

  • Special Features

    Plant-based polyurethane foam, Spinal Zone, edge reinforcement

  • Sleep Trial

    Not specified

  • Bed Warranty

    5-10 years

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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