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ViscoPedic Memory Foam Collection Reviews

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ViscoPedic Memory Foam Collection


Englander's VicoPedic Plus material is visco-elastic foam, more commonly known as memory foam. The term "visco-elastic" means that it it shows properties of both a viscous liquid and rubber. Memory foam was developed by NASA for astronauts' launch seats, then redevloped by Tempur of Sweden for commercial use. It is a version of polyurethane foam which holds an impression for a short time, allowing the user to "settle in." It is also sensitive to heat, so a warm body sinks in more than a cold object.

ViscoPedic is used by Englander in several mattress lines, incuding LifeStyle, E-Gel, Synergy, Posture Support Plus, Tension Ease, and (of course) ViscoPedic, where it is the signature feature. ViscoPedic memory foam is made by a process called Variable Pressure Foaming. Among the three companies who pioneered the development of this technology is FXI (formerly Foamex), the parent company of Bios Sleep System.

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Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) expands the mixed polymer precursors into foam by controlling the air pressure in an enclosed chamber. This eliminates the use of blow agents and the production of toxic PBDEs. This technology is now licensed to foam manufacturers all over the world for producing polyurethane and polyester foams.

Also, Englander's ViscoPedic is made using soy oil to reduce the use of petroleum products. Together with the process, this makes the foam more environmentally acceptable and healthier. A further advantage of VRF is that it allows more control over the physical properties of the final foam, including zoning of different densities within one block of foam.

ViscoPedic foam as used in the ViscoPedic Collection also uses Englander's Airtech design to facilitate airflow for cooling the foam. Besides this, it also has a fine cellular structure. The key benefit of memory foam is pressure relief for joints, such as hips, shoulders, knees, etc. Englander claims their ViscoPedic is more durable than other memory foams.

As in most memory foam mattresses, the memory foam is about half as thick or less than the support core. In one ViscoPedic model, the ViscoPedic foam is 3" high, and the foam support core 6" high.

ViscoPedic mattresses are one-sided (no-flip). The cover material is not specified, not even on retailers' sites, but from photos of different models it is evidently a Damask. Unless it contains Lycra, it is most likely a knit so that it can conform with the foam as the sleeper lies on it.

The most common foundations sold with ViscoPedic Memory Foam Collection mattresses are wood slat bases. They are also compatible with platform beds and adjustable beds.

Englander covers ViscoPedic Memory Foam mattresses with a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Englander ViscoPedic Memory Foam Collection

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer


  • Location

    Englander World Headquarters, P.O. Box 88, 8300 Industrial Drive, Olive Branch MS 38654

  • Bed Classification

    Memory Foam

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition


  • Mattress Edge Support

    Provided by the support core

  • Mattress Cover Composition


  • Total Mattress Height

    Estimate 10 to 13 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    Slatted box, platform bed, adjustable bed

  • Special Features

    Variable Pressure Foaming used in producing foam

  • Sleep Trial

    Ask your retailer

  • Bed Warranty

    10-year non-prorated

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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