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King Koil World Luxury Windsor Reviews

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King Koil World Luxury Windsor

About 14" to 15" high, the Windsor Luxury Plush is one of the higher models in the World Luxury Series by mattress manufacturer King Koil. To the support of the Contour Elite Plus pocket coils is added layers of zoned convoluted foam, memory foams, gel-infused foams, and extra soft foam. All this is under a quilted cover of silk-wool fabric and moisture control fibers. According to KIng Koil, "This Windsor is made of materials that are reserved for royalty."

Hydra-Performa™ Technology

Hydra-Performa™ Technology uses specially configured fibers to wick moisture from the sleeping surface. As this moisture evaporates, the top of the mattress is kept dry for comfortable sleep without clamminess.

kk materials hydro-performa kk materials silk-wool-blended-comfort-surface

Silk & Wool Blend

The cover fabric of King Koil's World Luxury Windsor is a blend of silk and wool. Wool is temperature neutral, warming or cooling the sleeper as needed. Silk, known for its smoothness, is also a durable fiber.


AdvantaGel™ is a highly resilient foam infused with gel. The resiliency of the foam rebounds quickly to resist body impressions and enable the sleeper to change positions easily. The gel enhances support while conducting heat away from the surface.

High Performance Super Soft Foam

Called "High Performance" by King Koil, the Super Soft foam is for plushness. It is also conforming.

iFusion Technology

iFusion Technology is used in the Windsor Luxury Plush mattress for pressure relief. The open-cell configuration makes this memory foam more resilient and lets air circulate to reduce heat build-up. iFusion has gel cells for their type of conformity for pressure relief. The gel also conduct heat for cooling for temperarue control.

kk material ifusion kk material advagel

Visco Plush Memory Foam

More contouring conformity is expected from the 1" Visco Plush memory foam. Memory foam was developed from the visco-elastic material used by NASA for astronaut seats.

Enhanced Ultra Soft Perfect Contour® Foam

Perfect Contour® is convoluted foam, similar to the "eggshell" foam used in so many mattress pads. The convoluted surface lets air flow between layers. It also makes this layer more conforming while dampening motion disturbance. Overall, this layer is ultra soft. However, the composition of the foam is configured into five zones to correspond with five areas of the body. The firmness level differs by zone to tailor support for parts of the body to relieve pressure points. This is also for spinal alignment.

Contour Luxury Plus EC (encasd coil) System

The Contour Luxury Plus encased coil system is an innerspring of individually wrapped coils. More commonly known as "Marshall" or "pocket" coils, each spring responds independently to weight pressed upon it. Since one coil does not pull down the next (as, for instance, with Bonnell coils), there is even support along the entire length of the body.

kk material encasedcoilkk material natural-wood-foundation


The preferred foundation for the World Luxury Windsor is a wood-slatted box foundation or a platform bed. This model is also compatible with adjustable beds.


The World Luxury Windsor carries the King Koil 10-year non-prorated warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    King Koil World Luxury Windsor

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    King Koil

  • Location

    King Koil, 7501 South Quincy St. Suite 130, Willowbrook, IL 60527, USA, 1-800-525-8331

  • Bed Classification


  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    Pocket coils (coil count 800), several comfort layers of various compositions

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Foam encasement

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Silk and wool blend with moisture wicking fibers

  • Total Mattress Height

    14 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    Platform or adjustable bed

  • Special Features

    Moisture wicking fibers, gel-foam, convoluted foam, pocket coil

  • Sleep Trial

    120 days

  • Bed Warranty

    10-year non-prorated

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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