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Northwest Bedding PillowTop Deluxe Mattress Reviews

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Northwest Bedding PillowTop Deluxe Mattress

Mattresses were the first products of Northwest Bedding, Inc., of Spokane, Washington, and they are still the main products, although they now have developed other product lines, such as bedding, furniture and upholstery. They have nine collections of mattresses: 5-Star, Chiropractor Collection, Columbia Collection, Comfort Support, Cool Comfort Collection, Signature Collection, Spokane Collection, Ultimate Life, and Vi Comfort. Five of these Northwest Bedding mattress collections have pillowtop matresses. These pillowtop mattresses are the subject of this review.

* 5-Star Luxury Latex Pillowtop

The 5-Star mattress collection by Northwest Bedding is designed for the hospitality industry. 5-Star mattresses may be found in hotels, motels, resorts, and other overnight hospitality enterprises. Northwest Bedding says, "We have worked for many years with hospitality property owners and management groups to design a collection of mattresses suitable for their own particular use and consistent with the expectations of their guests." This hospitality collection includes the 5-Star Luxury Latex Pillowtop.

The 5-Star Luxury Latex Pillowtop, which is single-sided, features fabric-wrapped, heavy-gauge spring coils. High density, firm foam (StableBase™ BioFlex™) completes the support core by encasing the coils on the bottom and the sides. Northwest Bedding designed this support core of the 5-Star mattresses to be quiet and to minimize motion transfer.

The top model of this collection, the Northwest Bedding 5-Star Luxury Latex Pillowtop, also features a luxurious pillowtop with layers of Talalay Latex foam and Northwest Bedding's CushionFlex™ high density convoluted plant-based foam.

* Chiropractor Collection 4000

The Chiropractor Collection of mattresses by Northwest Bedding was, as the name implies, designed in cooperation with chriopractors in the Spokane area. Northwest bedding says, "They challenged us to design a series of mattress sets that could combine necessary firm spine support with sleeping surfaces in a range of firmness." The result is an innerspring unit of fabric-encased coils which is completely encased—top, bottom and all sides—in high density and very firm (55 ILD) StableBase ™ BioFlex ™ foam to provide a firm edge, minimize motion transfer, and keep the mattress quiet, while comforming to the shape of the body to relieve pressure points.

On the support core of the Northwest Bedding Chiropractor Collection 4000 mattress are layers of medium firm and soft CushionFlex ™ foam, which is plant-based, and Luxurious Talalay Latex ™ comfort cushioning. This combines comfort with the support of the coils and the firm foam encasement.

The pillow top of the Northwest Bedding Chiropractor Collection 4000 mattress is made of stretch knit fabric (in designer patterns) and soft CushionFlex ™ foam, which are quilted together. This pillowtop cushion incorporates fire resistant fibers to increase safety and meet federal fire resistance standards.

* Columbia Collection Kootenay Pillowtop

The coil unit in the Northwest Bedding Columbia Collection Kootenay Pillowtop is organized into seven zones. The gauges of the fabric-encased coils in this coil unit are apportioned to optimize the relative support for areas of the sleeper's body.

The coil unit is overlaid with a firm layer of CushionFlex ™ plant-based foam, which is topped with softer CushionFlex, then the quilted cover of stretch-knit an more CushionFlex layers. Northwest Bedding touts this as providing "a soft, conforming and very luxurious sleeping surface."

* Comfort Support Pillow Top

The principle feature of the Comfort Support Pillow Top by Northwest Bedding is the "foam- encased InnerAct® offset coil system with alternating coil turns." This design is intended to reduce the transfer of motion from one sleeper to the other. The foam encasement consists of the same StableBase ™ BioFlex ™ foam as the Chiropractor 4000 mattress (see above).

The comfort layers of the Northwest Bedding Comfort Support Pillow Top are 2" of soft CushionFlex ™ convoluted plant-based foam and a quilted pillowtop of stretch-knit designer fabric, fire-resistant fibers and layers of soft, plant-based foams to provide a very comfortable interface with the sleeper.

* Signature Collection Latex Pillow Top

Northwest Bedding describes the Signature Collection Latex Pillow Top as "our best effort yet in hybrid construction techniques." The zoned InnerAct® offset coil system described above is combined with interlayered medium-firm and plush Talalay Latex. This cushioning is advertised as being "hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mite, mold and mildew resistant" as well as yeilding a light, bouyant, and resilient feeling. The pillow top is a combination of fashionable fabric and plush CushionFlex foam, which Northwest Bedding describes as "soft and conforming."

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Northwest Bedding PillowTop Deluxe Mattress

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

  • Location

    Northwest Bedding, Inc., 6102 S. Hayford Road, Spokane, Washington 99224, (800) 456-7686

  • Bed Classification


  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    individually-wrapped coils encased in firm foam and topped with softer layers of foam and a quilted foam pillowtop

  • Mattress Edge Support

    high density, firm StableBase™ BioFlex™ foam encasement

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Stretch Knit Fabric

  • Total Mattress Height

    varies with model

  • Bed Foundation

    Recommended: bed frame with at least one cross member, more for larger mattresses.

  • Special Features

    individually wrapped coils and Talalay latex foam quilted pillowtop

  • Sleep Trial


  • Bed Warranty

    Period depends on series and model

  • Manufactured In

    Spokane, WA, USA

  • Restrictions

    Extended only to original purchaser

  • Website


John R from Spokane Valley, Washington says:

Posted on Mar 30, 2013 Purchased on Apr, 2000
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Location: Spokane Valley, Washington

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since the guarantee is pro rated it i not worth getting this brand. We paid a lot of money for a very inferior product

Mattress Rating: 1 starsMattress Comfort: down

had a long guarantee but not long enough. the matress has broken down. Paid a lot of money for very dissapointing results

Mattress Durability: down

did not hold up as advertised

Mattress Support: neutral


Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: down


Quality: down


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