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Sleep Number x12

The newest Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort was shown at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 2014.

Why at an electronics show? The x12 is a "smart bed." Using Select Comfort's SleepIQ technology, this bed monitors sleepers and makes adjustments to the airbed accordingly. Among the items monitored are movement, breathing, and heart rate. This techology was developed by BAM Labs which specializes in "Touchless Health Monitoring." One reporter commented, "This bed knows more about your sleep than you do." It can even make adjustments to stop snoring.

Select Comfort points out that first of all, this is a Sleep Number airbed, and shares the advantages of other Sleep Number models. It features the DualAir technology, which made the Select Comfort product line popular in the first place, especially in the selection of a user's "sleep number" for customized comfort. And it adjusts air pressure for separate areas of the body.

This new Sleep Number bed is paired with an adjustable base. Select Comfort says, "Now each of you can elevate your side to read, watch TV, surf the web or choose your individual sleep position at the touch of a button with our exclusive FlexFit™ adjustable base technology."

The control for the x12 airbed is news with its voice command feature. Sleep Number says, "It Loves the Sound of Your Voice." Just tell the bed to activate the massage or turn lights on or off. The remote still has push-button control, allowing for individual customization.

Several options for furniture are available with the Sleep Number x12. These include headboads, side panels and night stands. The night stands are wired for plugging in or charging devices.

The Sleep Number x12 bears Select Comfort's 25 Year Limited Warranty on Mattresses & Bases. As may be expected, it is the most expensive bed by Select Comfort. It is now available in select Sleep Number stores, and expected to soon be in all of them. Most Sleep Number stores are convenently located in major shopping centers across the country.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Sleep Number x12

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Sleep Number

  • Location

    Select Comfort (Sleep Number), 9800 59th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 1-888-484-9263

  • Bed Classification


  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    Air chambers, a set for each side of the bed

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Air pressure

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Selectable by sub-model

  • Total Mattress Height

    Not stated, but will vary with inflation level

  • Bed Foundation

    Preferred - FlexFit adjustable bed

  • Special Features

    SleepIQ technology monitors sleeper's movements, breathing and heart rate and makes adjustments to both air pressure and bed position. Also has massage. Voice command for some functions,

  • Sleep Trial

    not stated

  • Bed Warranty

    25 Year Limited Warranty on Mattresses & Bases

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Normal wear and damage from abuse are not covered

  • Website


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