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Sleep Science 11-inch Black Diamond Reviews

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Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond

The name of the Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond mattress comes from the Black Diamond visco memory foam used in the 1" top layer. Here is how Sleep Science describes this:

"Black diamond visco memory foam was developed after researching the 1000 year old practice of utilizing bamboo charcoal fibers for its unique properties. Sleep Science blends bamboo charcoal fibers into its proprietary visco memory foam to create the black diamond visco memory foam. Bamboo charcoal fibers neutralize moisture in localized areas; eliminate odors and increase the antibacterial properties of the foam."

Beneath the black diamond foam is 1" of 5-lb. Slumber Tech premium visco memory foam. This foam is expected to add to the comfort of the black diamond memory foam, making 2 inches of conformable comfort. Girdling both of these layers is the Sleep Science patented Wedge Edge Support System, a 2"x2" wedge of high density foam to support the edge of the memory foam, making it usable out to the edges of the mattress. This also is to make the memory foam last longer.

Between the memory foams and the base is a 2" layer of latex foam. This is firmer than the memory foam, giving more support to the sleepers at a level Sleep Science calls "medium/firm."

The bottom layer of the Sleep Science 11" Black Diamond mattress is the 7" Air Channel Base. This is made of polyurethane foam, which is highly resilient. This block of foam has been "channel cut," which means it has been criss-crossed with 1" grooves to enhance the circulation of air in the middle of the mattress. This base foam also has a dual density and dual IFD (indentation force deflection) to provide more resiliency at the points where it is most needed..

The removable mattress cover is made of a silk blend to give the sleepers a soft, cool sleeping surface with a luxurious feel. The Sleep Science Black Diamond Mattress carries a 20-year limited warranty.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Sleep Science 11-inch Black Diamond

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Sleep Science

  • Location

    South Bay International, Inc., 2665 Pomona Blvd Pomona, CA 91768, (909) 718-5000

  • Bed Classification

    Memory Foam

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    1 inch Black Diamond bamboo charcoal memory foam, 1 inch 5-lb memory foam, 2 inches latex support foam, 7 inch Air Channel polyurethane foam base

  • Mattress Edge Support

    2x2 Wedge edge support system

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Silk blend

  • Total Mattress Height

    11 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    full support is recommended

  • Special Features

    Bamboo charcoal fibers in visco-elastic memory foam

  • Sleep Trial

    30 days

  • Bed Warranty

    20-Year Limited Warranty

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    None Listed

  • Website


Jim S from West grove, Pennsylvania says:

Posted on Aug 26, 2017 Purchased on Aug, 2017
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Location: West grove, Pennsylvania

Date Joined: Aug 26, 2017

Last Active: Aug 26, 2017

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Mattress Rating: 2 starsMattress Comfort: down

The top 4" of the mattress is soft and compresses down to a hard base. With the top of the bed elevated (adjustable base), laying on my back, my buttocks develop pressure spots that are very uncomfortable. I am a side sleeper, large frame bone structure, weigh 210 lbs. and am just under 6', but need an elevated head to prevent acid reflux. This is why I bought the Black Diamond with adjustable base from Costco. Even on my side, I still develop pressure points that continually wake me up. The mattress that I replaced was also a Sleep Science 14" mattress. I would give that mattress a 10 rating on a 5 scale if I could. After nearly 9 years of use, it is as good as the day we bought it. When sleeping on the old mattress, I used a wedge and that worked pretty well... no pressure points. My wife has arthritis in her back and hips and wakes up in pain from sleeping on the new 11" Black Diamond mattress. She never had issues with the old 14" Sleep Science mattress. As she says, "the new mattress is the pitts. We are seriously looking for another set of twinXL mattresses to replace the BD 11" mattresses. We have been sleeping on the new mattress for 8 days. I thought that it may need to "break in", but no luck yet.

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Mattress Support:


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