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Stearns & Foster Luxury Firm Reviews

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8 average firmness based on 3 review(s)

Stearns & Foster Luxury Firm

The slightly softer variant of the Stearns & Foster Luxury series mattress is essentially similar to the ultra firm variation, but would typically add a euro- top layer to add a little initial plushness to the mattress. There may be some firm bed sets that do not use a pillowtop, and they would simply incorporate a little more foam or use a softer foam at the surface of the mattress. All of the other important features of the ultra firm variant carry over to the firm model. This includes the high loft fiber tufted cover, the individually pocketed coil spring base, and the addition of barely less than one inch of latex foam to enhance the comfort of the mattress.

One of the overlooked benefits of latex foam incorporated into a mattress is the springy feel that latex naturally offers. Compared with a similar grade of polyurethane foam, latex will feel a little more resistive, and yet still feel soft when you press on it. The incorporated layer of latex foam in the Luxury Stearns and Foster mattress should help to keep this mattress above the competition somewhat in both initial and overall feel.

The Luxury set from Stearns & Foster carries a 10 year warranty to help you if you do experience any manufacturers’ defects. Stearns and Foster recommends their Limited series of foundations for use with the Luxury line of mattresses. This foundation is available in 5.25 or 9 inch thicknesses to help suit your decorative and functional needs. Also, you should never flip or rotate this mattress to achieve optimum performance for years to come.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Stearns & Foster Luxury Firm

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Stearns & Foster

  • Location

    Stearns & Foster One Office Parkway at Sealy Drive Trinity, NC 27370 Phone | 1-866-BEDDING (233-3464)

  • Bed Classification


  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    individually pocketed coil springs with comfort foam and latex foam

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Foam Encasement - A 2.5 inch perimeter of foam around the coil springs in the base with an upper and lower rod to contain the spring base

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    High Loft Fiber

  • Total Mattress Height

    About 14 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    Stearns and Foster LTD in standard or low profile

  • Special Features

    No Flip, No Rotate

  • Sleep Trial

    Varies From Dealer To Dealer

  • Bed Warranty

    10 years coverage against manufacturers defects including impressions greater than 1.5 inches

  • Manufactured In

    United States

  • Restrictions

    None Listed

  • Website


Steve D from Wayne, New Jersey says:

Posted on Jun 03, 2013 Purchased on Oct, 2008
User Information

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Date Joined: Jun 05, 2013

Last Active: Jun 05, 2013

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Very good product,holds up well, we are two big people and this should be as best as can be!

Mattress Rating: 5 starsMattress Comfort: up


Mattress Durability: up


Mattress Support: up


Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up


Quality: up


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H M from Mebane, North Carolina says:

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 Purchased on Jan, 2014
User Information

Location: Mebane, North Carolina

Date Joined: Jan 21, 2014

Last Active: Jan 31, 2014

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Mattress Rating: 5 starsMattress Comfort: up

I'm enjoying my Stearns and Foster Luxury Firm Kathryn Queen set. However I've only had it a few days. After continuing to see negative reviews of Stearns and Foster I'm concerned about what the future holds in store for my $2000 mattress. I'm hoping to hear some positive feedback from other S&F Luxury Firm owners. Most of the reviews I see are negative. There must be some happy owners somewhere. Sealy deleted my post from their Facebook page when I commented and asked for other owner's comments.

Mattress Durability: neutral

Waiting to see how it lasts. I have 3 months to return it if I'm not happy but if it wears out after that then I've heard the warranty is useless.

Mattress Support: up

Firm yet not too rigid. I did not go with a pillow top or plush model in hopes of avoiding sagging.

Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: up

Feels cool to me. Some owners have complained about it being hot.

Quality: neutral

Looks good and feels great now.

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Holly S from Prairieville, Louisiana says:

Posted on Apr 05, 2016 Purchased on Apr, 2016
User Information

Location: Prairieville, Louisiana

Date Joined: Apr 05, 2016

Last Active: Apr 05, 2016

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Would return it if I could. Floor model.

Mattress Rating: 1 starsMattress Comfort: down

I laid down in bed last night nice, soft and then it felt as if I was laying directly on the springs themselves. The nine large buttons are attached by thick plastic, which was easily felt. New mattress - 2 hours sleep.

Mattress Durability: neutral

cannot comment

Mattress Support: down

Never had a bed with individual coils - not a fan

Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: neutral


Quality: down

One of the worst beds I have owned.

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