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The Destination Parklane RV Mattress Reviews

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The Destination
Parklane RV Mattress

The Destination, at 10" high, is the higher of two models in the Premium Latex collection of Parklane RV Mattresses made by Parklane Mattresses in Oregon. The other model, The Breeze, is a 9" high latex mattress. Besides height, there are other differences, making these distinct models. Also, they differ in size availability. The Destination is available only in sizes Short Queen and larger, while The Breeze is available from Twin Size up.

The 6" high support core of The Destination is solid 100% natural Talalay latex. Natural latex is highly resilient, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic. It is also durable.

Above the support core are three layers of Talatech, a version of 100% Talalay latex made for Parklane. Talatech is a blend of 85% natural and 15% synthetic latex. For comfort foams, this is more durable than 100% natural latex. Having three thinner layers rather than one thicker layer makes this section more conforming, meaning less pressure on joints. It also means less motion transfer. This latex is softer than that in the support core.

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The cover of The Destination is cotton which is certified as organic. From photos of the mattress, it appears that the fabric is a damask. Under the cover is a fire barrier sheet of rayon infused with silica, which complies with federal standards for flammability without harmful chemicals.

The Destination is compressed, rolled and packed for delivery through UPS. It can be shipped anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. It is made in the US and can be ordered directly from Parklane RV Mattresses. Parklane Mattresses has a 30-Day Return/Exchange Policy (trial period). The Destination is covered by Parklane's Bronze 10/2 Warranty: The first 2 years are fully covered (non-prorated), and the remaining 8 are prorated.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    The Destination Parklane RV Mattress

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Parklane Mattresses

  • Location

    Parklane RV Mattresses, 10360 SW Spokane Ct., Tualatin, OR 97062

  • Bed Classification


  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    3 Talatech latex comfort layers on a 6-inch Talalay latex core

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Provided by the support core

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Organic cotton with silica-rayon FR

  • Total Mattress Height

    10 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    RV bed

  • Special Features

    Three latex comfort layers for better conformity

  • Sleep Trial

    30 days

  • Bed Warranty

    Bronze 10/2 (first 2 years full coverage)

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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