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Topaz Series

The Topaz Series is one of three collections under the Medicci & Saville (M&S) brand of hybrid mattresses by Spring Time Bedding (STB). The other two collections are the Emerald Luxury Series and the newly unveiled Handcrafted Collection. These hybrid mattresses are essentially innerspring mattresses with a section of foam layers close to the height of the innerspring unit, including at least one layer of support-level foam.

The Topaz Series models, as those in the other two M&S collections, feature pocket coils, high density firm support foam, a variety of comfort foams, and multiple layers in the quilting.

STB Topaz

Conforming support for the Topaz mattresses relies on the individually wrapped pocket coils in the innerspring unit. Invented by James Marshall, pocket coils respond independently to provide even support for proper spinal alignment and pressure relief. They also eliminate motion transfer, which is responsible for partner disturbance, so Mommy getting up to check on the baby does not awaken Daddy. The description of the mattress indicates that heavier-gauge coils line the edge of the innerspring unit for more stability at the surface. A double-layered insulator pad separates the coils below from the foam above.

The Spring Time Topaz mattresses are foam encased. This foam encasement stabilizes the pocket coils in the innerspring unit. It also provides edge support for the top of the mattress. This makes the surface entirely usable for sleeping without being dumped off the edge.

The cover of a Topaz Series mattress consists of a stretch-knit fabric. STB describes it as "luxurious" with a "cashmere feel." The top panel of this cover is tack & jump quilted to three soft HD foam layers plus polyester fibers. Being knit, this cover is breathable. The sides let air flow into and out of the mattress for cooling, dryness and freshness.

Fire safety for Topaz Series mattresses depends on Flame Guard high-loft fiber. This fiber is approved as meeting the CFR federal flammability standards.

The foam section of the Topaz Series hybrid mattresses has eight layers of foam. The relative firmness of these layers between the two models makes the Topaz 497 Firm and the Topaz 498 Plush.

The bottom layer is a firm high-density foam, presumably polyurethane. This enhances the support of the pocket coils.

The next layer up is convoluted foam, The "eggcrate" surface on one side allows air to flow through. It also is a bit conforming in its response.

Above the convoluted foam are two layers of medium soft HD foam. The foams become progressively less firm toward the top of the mattress.

Next up is a layer of memory foam. This enhances the contouring conformability of the pocket coils. Memory foam was developed for the space program to relieve pressure on astronauts during launch and landing.

The top three comfort layers of the M&S Topaz models are "sustainable" foam, probably made with plant-based oil. The density and firmness of this foam is not given. Since these are high in the mattress, they are likely the ones which determine the overall firmness.

Springtime Bedding makes wood-framed foundations with matching upholstery for Topaz Series mattresses. These platforms come in 9" Standard and 5" Low Profile heights. One of these foundations or one with the same support is required by the warranty.

Topaz mattresses are covered by Spring Time Bedding's 20-year warranty. The first 5 years are fully covered, while the final 15 are prorated.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Topaz Series

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Spring Time Bedding, Inc

  • Location

    Spring Time Bedding, 60 Saddle River Avenue, South Hackensack NJ 07606, Phone: 973-473-5400

  • Bed Classification

    Hybrid - foam and coils

  • Level of Firmness

    Ultra Firm

  • Inner Bed Composition

    Pocket coils, insulator pad, 8 foam layers, and quilted top

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Firmer foam springs on perimeter

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Cashmere feel stretch knit quilted to 3 quilting foam layers and polyester fibers

  • Total Mattress Height

    15 inches

  • Bed Foundation


  • Special Features

    Variety of foams providing graduated support

  • Sleep Trial

    Not stated

  • Bed Warranty

    20 years (5+15)

  • Manufactured In

    U.S.A. (foam made in China)

  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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