Caddis Pet Products makes pet beds and supplies. Caddis is based in McMinnville, OR, but also has a manufacturing and shipping facility in Victoria, VA. Caddis seems to specialize in dog and cat beds, ranging from simple mats and blankets to complex “bolster” beds with a border around three sides and above the sleeping portion of the bed. Caddis also distributes food and water dishes and placemats, pet camping gear, and pet automotive products. Although Caddis does offer some of their products online, there are listings for about 30 online retail partners as well as national and local pet stores which carry their more common products. Caddis is a member of the American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association.

Caddis currently lists four types of beds for pets on their website, and each class contains multiple models. The types currently offered are SuperSoft, Luxury, Specialty, and Bolster beds. Caddis does also show a closeout section, which is currently stocked with about five different models of bird feeders and nothing else. These bird feeders can be purchased online directly through Caddis.

In addition to the four lines of dog beds and cat beds offered, you will also find food and water dishes, placemats for those food and water dishes, pet camping gear, car seat covers, and more. Although I would consider Caddis to be a full pet supply distributor, it seems like the only thing missing from the Caddis website is grooming supplies. is a proud member of these and other organizations