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Berkeley Ergonomics

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Berkeley Ergonomics (BE) was co-founded by Colin Hunter and Mike Lavin. Lavin is the founder and owner of European Sleep Works (ESW) in Berkeley, California on the east side of San Francisco Bay. Berkeley Ergonomics was started as an independent associated firm in Ontario, CA, east of Los Angeles. Both companies specialize in the design and manufacturing of sleep products following European principles and methods. They rely on many materials and components from Europe.

While European Sleep Works focuses on marketing in the Bay Area, Berkeley Ergonomics not only sells sleep products in Southern California, but also through Scott Jordan Furniture in New York City and other select retailers in North America. BE sleep products are now carried by 16 retailers in the United States and Canada.

Until recently, Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses were made by European Sleep Works in its Richmond, CA plant. Now BE makes its own mattresses. There are still strong similarities between BE and ESW mattresses in model names and features, though there are distinctions. From the listings by retailers, BE apparently distributes some ESW products nationally, such as the Oxygen Pillow.

Notable among Berkeley Ergonomics retailers is Design Sleep in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Mike Kovaleski, the owner of Design Sleep, formerly worked for BE retailer Scott Jordan Furniture in New York City. Design Sleep designs some of its own mattresses in collaboration with BE, who then makes the mattresses. Also, Kovaleski hosts BE videos explaining how the BE mattresses and the Flexible Slat System work. Mike is one of the key persons featured on BE's Our People page.

On the first tab on their website, Berkeley Ergonomics says, "We believe in.....healing, ...ergonomics, ...openness, ...creativity, ...our people." They begin with their values. Each heading under the tab brings up a substantial discussion of that value.

Cotton ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Latex ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ Wool

European Quality is the second tab. The items covered are cotton, wool, latex, coils and wood, reflecting the key components of Berkeley Ergonomics' products.

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Sleep Systems covers seven categories: Single Coil Models, Double Coil Models, Triple Coil Model, Natural Talalay Latex, Foundations, Pillow Top, and Kids Mattresses. All the coils are pocket coils: full size and tall, minicoils, and stretched microcoils (extremely short). The only non-coil models are all-latex. The foundations are flexible wood slats—even the adjustable beds have flexible slat surfaces. The Pillow Top is a mattress topper. And the Kids Mattresses are especially designed for children and youth.

The fourth tab on the Berkeley Ergonomics website is Bedding. This include three kinds of pillows, comforters, a mattress protector, and linens.

The remaining 3 tabs include a store finder, contact information and form, and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Like European Sleep Works, Berkeley Ergonomics offers a choice of firmness level with most of its mattresses. They strongly suggest that the consumer try out different mattresses before deciding on a firmness level and feel. Even then, extended use may dictate another firmness as suitable for the customer. The firmness of a BE mattress can be adjusted. BE mattresses also have a 10-year non-prorated warranty. is a proud member of these and other organizations