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There are two companies distributing mattresses called "Carolina Bedding." One is Carolina Bedding and Furniture, (CBF). The other is Carolina Bedding Direct, LLC (CBD), also known as Mattress by Appointment, LLC. Both claim to sell a Carolina Collection of mattresses. CBD traces its beginnings to a company called "Carolina Bedding and Furniture" in Greenville, SC. CBD was set up to sell directly to the customers nationwide through a network of dealers. Its mattresses are made by the Five Star Mattress Company, a Serta subsidiary, and are referred to as the "Carolina Collection Mattress Line." CBF, which operates a chain of outlets in Pennsylvania and Maryland, was founded in 2011, and receives its mattresses from a Corsicana Bedding factory in North Carolina, hence the "Carolina Collection."

This is the self-description of Carolina Bedding Direct


Carolina Bedding Direct, LLC, is the exclusive distributor of the Carolina Collection Mattress Line that is manufactured by Five Star Mattress Co. We also offer a private line of Serta Mattresses and Visco Memory foam specialty sleep products.

What makes Carolina Bedding Direct so successful is keeping our business and product line simple. We offer the consumer products at varied price points from $150 for a Queen set, $250, $350 and up to $950. We provide a substantial savings to the customer while providing a quality product.

Our Company

Corporate Headquarters, in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Carolina Bedding Direct LLC markets the Carolina Collection line of mattresses that are of the highest quality. Our mattresses are manufactured at facilities across the USA and our administrative headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC.

Carolina Bedding Direct LLC is a privately owned and operated company since 1999. Carolina Bedding Direct’s annual sales are in excess of $10 million retail dollars; a compelling testament to the fundamentals of our business: People, Products, and Programs. Currently, there are more than 100 Carolina Bedding Direct Dealers in the U.S. and growing to 400.

Our History

1999 Started in the mattress business in Columbus, Ohio. Within 3 years the store was doing a million retail dollars from 800 sq. ft. store that was operated by one person.

2003 Carolina Bedding and Furniture Inc. was established in Greenville, SC. The company was created to focus it’s business in the Southeast United States working with a Regional manufacturer. As Carolina Bedding Direct has grown we have received the attention of a national manufacturers.

2009 Carolina Bedding Direct eclipsed the smaller mattress organizations and has built strategic relationships with industry leaders. The company’s successful programs were replicated throughout the organization, leading to sustained annual growth of over 20% for most of the last decade.

2011 Carolina Bedding Direct LLC was formed to focus solely on the mattress industry and to expand nationally into 400 markets.

2012 Carolina Bedding Direct successfully grew in to 38 States with over 100 Locations. CBD doubled it’s growth with national expansion.

2013-2018 CBD is expecting 50% growth each year for the next consecutive five years, with a five year location goal of; 500+ locations nationwide.

Our national manufacturer is headquartered in Chicago, IL and was established in 1931. They have 22 manufacturing plants and service all of North America. For more than 80 years, this manufacturer has been making consistent investments into the highest quality and most innovative features to ensure that every mattress set they manufacture delivers superior comfort and support. Throughout its history, they have been an industry leader.

Our Organization

[We have] 400 Markets across the USA serviced by 22 mattress plants.


Five Star Mattress Company, the manufacturer of CBD's mattresses, is part of Serta International, which is headquartered in Chicago, IL. The 22 manufacturing facilities are Serta plants. According to a Serta press release (Nov. 2009), "Five Star Mattress was launched in January 2008 by AOT Holdings, which is owned by Ares Management and the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund. Five Star’s products are manufactured exclusively by Serta®, which is also part of the AOT Holdings portfolio. The company’s goal is grow its retail partners’ businesses by supplying high-quality products at exceptional values." Advent International now owns the stock held by AOT Holdings.

The Five Star mattresses are in 7 collections: Five Star Mattress Collection, Five Star Mattress Specialty Collection, GelActive Collection, True Luxury Collection (TLC), Pro-Comfort Collection, Esteemed Collection, and Essential Element Collection. The variety of mattress types - innerspring, foam, and hybrid - echoes the Serta lineup. Collectively, the Five Star mattrresses are called the Carolina Collection Mattress Line by Carolina Bedding Direct LLC.

Carolina Bedding Direct, LLC, seeking to "expand into 400 markets across the United States," is actively recruiting dealers. They already have well over 100 dealer locations.

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