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Eclipse Sleep Products


Also known as Eclipse International, Eclipse Sleep Products is the second oldest business of Bedding Industries of America (BIA). In 2015, it turned 100 years old. Along with Eastman House Bedding, Eclipse is part of one division of BIA. It is the sole licensee of Therapedic of New Jersey (Therapedic International is owned by the owners of BIA).

The "Welcome" page of Eclipse's website says,

Eclipse is an international company committed to selling mattresses worldwide. With 21 factories spanning 6 continents and over 100 years experience, Eclipse dedicates iteself to combining innovative, pattented sleep technology with relentless customer service. Our goal is to provide you with a healthier night’s sleep.

Eclipse International takes pride in the development and implementation of new bedding technologies. Our team of researchers work each and every day to develop new and creative ways to provide you with the best sleep possible. We are proud to offer our customers exclusive, patented, and proven bedding technology.

Eclipse Sleep shares with Eastman House four key features in all their mattresses: Allergy Free Design, Lifedge Perimeter Support, Spinal Zone Sleep System, Zoned Quilt Support System.

Allergy Free Design


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The Allergy Free Design of Eclipse mattresses is in the form of the seams and the materials used. Using fabrics and other materials which block or inhibit allergy-causing microbes and dust mites, the seams are double-rolled in what the company calls a "two-fold" design.

Lifedge Perimeter Support

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The Lifedge Perimeter Support features foam encasement with butterfly shaped springs placed within the foam rails. This is to prevent sagging at the edge of the top surface.

Spinal Zone Sleep System

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The Spinal Zone Sleep System was designed to reduce back pain. Eclipse claims that this has been proved in clinical trials. This is done with a second border rod on the center third of the mattress's spring support unit (a.k.a. innerspring). This rod is a bit lighter than the main border rod around the entire innerspring.

Zoned Quilt Support System


The Zoned Quilt Support System is, as the name suggests, in the top part of the mattress. Cushioning materials (foams, fibers and batting) in the center third is precompressed for more support. Eclipse also adds a layer of memory foam for pressure relief.

The Eclipse website has a Sleep Info section, which has the same content as the Eastman House site. The three pages in this section are Sleep Guide: Why Sleep; When To Buy; and Frequently Asked Questions.

Eclipse Sleep Products has three series of mattresses: Perfection Rest Collection, Conformatic Collection, and Contour Care Collection. These are all innerspring mattresses. They differ in the types of springs used in their support units. In addition to the support units, at least one model has a layer of microcoils.

In the Perfection Rest Collection, the type of coils used is not specified, but illustrations indicate a variety of offset coils. This innerspring unit is configured in a 5-Zoned Innerspring System. The five zones are symmetrical, with the head and neck zone the same as the feet and lower legs zone, and the thighs zone is the same as the shoulders and upper back zone. The middle zone is for the hips, lumbar and lower back. It has heavier coils, since this is where most of the body weight is normally located.

The Conformatic Collection has a pocket coil innerspring. Also called wrapped, encased, or Marshall coils, these springs respond independently to distribute support evenly along the length of the body. this relieves pressure on the larger parts and maintains support for the lesser parts.

The springs in the Contour Care Collection are heavy-gauge Bonnell coils. Eclipse bills these mattresses as "built to last." Though not specifically stated, this collection appears to be created for heavier sleepers. The coil counts range from 416 to 572.

Materials named as used in Eclipse Sleep Products mattresses are steel, cotton, polyester, latex, memory foam, and polyurethane foam. The latex and memory foam are not in every model. Not every model made is shown; these are representative of the collections. Also, there may be some materials not specified.

Eclipse Sleep Products covers their mattresses with manufacturers warranties ranging from five to twenty years. They are found in many retailers across North America and on other continents. The same companies licensed to make and distribute Eclipse International's mattresses are the same ones licensed by Eastman House. is a proud member of these and other organizations