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iZone is subsidiary of Boyd Specialty Sleep (BSS). It is the "new kid on the block" at Boyd. Like Boyd Flotation, iZone has its own website. The existence of iZone is not presently noted on boydspecialtysleep.com, but may appear in the future when the parent company revamps its website.

iZone beds are 3-way hybrid specialty sleep mattresses,* a combining of a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress with a waterbed.  The support core combines polyurethane base foam, latex support foam, and water-filled cylinders. Air is also mentioned in some banner ads, but that does not involve inflated air chambers as in an airbed. Rather, it is ariflow into the support core for temperature control.
* not innerspring mattresses

A key feature of these beds, and the source of the iZone name, is the dual adjustability of the firmness of the bed. Each side of the mattress has seven water support cylinders. Called calibrators, these can be filled to certain levels to select the firmness for each. As the illustration below shows, the support on each side can be customized for that sleeper.


iZone has a program, iZone Matrix, to help the user find the right combination for her or his body, sleeping position, etc. The user is asked about factors which determine the right settings: gender, weight, height, health concerns, etc.

All current iZone Bed models have gel memory foam comfort layers, protected by antibacterial covers which are washable. The cover for the whole mattress is also removeable and washable.

Currently, iZone has three mattress models, Z1, Z2, and Z3, which are 8", 10" and 12" high respectively.


Besides mattresses, iZone also makes and sells the iZone Pillow, which has two gel-filled cylinders. These can be removed and put into the refrigerator or freezer to increase the cooling factor.

iZone Bed mattresses and pillows have been sold at The Bedroom Store with six locations in the St. Louis area. For now, The Bedroom Store is the only physical store selling this brand, but they are now also sold online. They offer free financing and shipping, along with their "Risk Free 90 Night Test Rest with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee." The warranty is for 10 years. The 100% trade-in value period depends on the model.


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