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Naturepedic, located in Bainbridge Township, close to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, was founded in 2004 by Barry Cik, who is an environmental engineer specializing in hazardous materials. His goal was to make crib mattresses free from toxic chemicals. From crib mattresses, Naturpedic has branched out to mattresses for children and for adults, as well as other bedding products. The product line now includes adjustable beds from Reverie, upholstered with non-toxic materials.


This is Naturpedic's account of their mission (from the Naturepedic website):

Discover Better Sleep and the Benefits of an Organic Mattress
Most mattresses are made from petrochemicals, synthetic materials and chemical additives. Our bodies can tell the difference. After all, we spend one-third of our lives in bed surrounded by these materials. Sleep is a time for our bodies to find harmony with its surroundings, a harmony that can only be achieved with certified organic materials. Just like organic vegetables are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, so too are mattresses that qualify for organic certification. This means less chemical exposure for you, and a healthier planet for us all. 

Naturepedic's website has a "learn" tab which has much more information about organic sleep products as well as links to many resources on this topic.

Naturepedic boasts of its quality workmanship: "Naturepedic is a family owned business located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Our workers are skilled Amish craftsman that take pride in their work, paying special attention to every detail to ensure long lasting durability. We are proud to offer the very best organic mattresses available anywhere - made right here in the U.S.A."

In 2011, Naturepedic introduced its Lullaby Earth line of baby crib beddings at a more affordable price level than other Naturpedic products.

Naturepedic mattresses are classified into three divisions: Naturpedic Baby for infants, Naturepedic Kids for children, and Naturepedic You for adults. There are four models of baby mattresses, two of children's and seven for adults (actually five models; two have latex-free versions).

All Naturepedic mattresses are certified by both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and Greenguard (for no chemical emissions). Fire flammability standards are met without the use of fire retardant chemicals. Also, Naturepedic makes hypoallergenic products, without wool or latex. These include all the infants' and children's mattresses as well as three adult mattress models.

All Naturepedic crib mattresses carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The children's and adult mattresses have a 20-year limited warranty.

Update 2015

 In  2014 and 2015, Naturepedic introduced new two series, the Luxury Series and the Essentials Genesis Series.  These join the EOS (Ergonomic Organic Sleep) Series in its line of organic mattresses for adults.  Quartet in the Luxury Series was upgraded for 2015.

Naturepedic received the 2015 award of  Practice Greenhealth Champion for Change. This was in recognition of Naturepedic's use of sustainable materials and processes in producing mattreses and other products for heathcare institutions.

In 2014, Naturepedic opened a showroom and warehouse in the Los Angeles, California area. The warehouse facilitates service and delivery to customers in the western states.

Naturepedic's website features a blog with additional information and advice. is a proud member of these and other organizations