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Relief-Mart, Inc.


Relief-Mart, Inc., located in Westlake Village, California is, according to the Better Business Bureau, a seller of "pain relief, comfort and support products." Their product line includes supplements, pillows & sleeping support, mattresses, books & exercise products, massagers, moist heat & herbal heat packs, and skin repair & cosmetic products. The types of mattresses sold are air, latex, and memory foam. Relief Mart has an A+ rating from the BBB.

Relief Mart says, "We strongly believe in doing all business online, as this enables us to keep our overhead cost down so that we may translate this savings to our customers with our everyday low prices." Relief Mart mattresses are sold through Selectabed, an online sales arm of Relief Mart (it has the same mailing address, and the Selectabed website says, " is associated with Relief-Mart, Inc."). Therefore, we do not expect to see new Relief Mart mattresses in local retail stores. The one exception is the Tempflow brand of memory foam mattresses, which are also sold through authorized dealers. For now, Air-Pedic airbeds are available only through Selectabed.

A chiropractor, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., is affiliated with Relief Mart as a consultant and Vice President of Product Development. He is the originator of websites such as #1 Back Pain Site,,,, and He says, "I was asked to develop the specific mattress designs offers, and the ones you will find all meet my difficult criteria and are designed specifically to provide proper support for all of your joints."

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