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Select Foam, Inc.


Select Foam, Inc., located in Miami, Florida, is a manufacturer of memory foam and latex mattresses. It is part of the Select family of sleep products, which also includes Select Air Beds and Select Waterbeds. Select Foam sells almost all of its mattresses online, both in the United States and internationally. However, Brickell Mattress, a store in Miami, now carries Select bedding products. Also, the company says they are opening a store in Ohio. Among websites which are apparently affiliated with Select Foam, Inc. are and

Select Foam is always comparing its memory foam mattresses to those made by Tempur-Pedic. The comparison even extends to the names of Select Foam collections and models. For instance, the Select-Conform Collection is paired against Tempur-Contour, Select-Cirrus against Tempur-Cloud, and Select-Featherlight against Tempur-Weightless. Some notable differences are Select Foam's gel-infused soy foam, removable covers, and channeled airflow layers versus Tempur-Pedic's petroleum-based foam, stitched covers, and eggcrate airflow layers.

There are three Select Foam memory foam mattress collections, Select-Conform, Select-Cirrus, and Select-Featherlight, with a total of 12 models, in addition to their latex mattress collection. Select Air Beds has 7 models which compare to Select Comfort (Sleep Number) beds, and Select Waterbeds has 5 softside and 5 hardside models.

According to agencies and sites monitoring consumer relations of businesses, Select Foam, Inc. has low ratings. Most issues involve customer service. This is not really surprising for a firm selling mattresses primarily through the Internet, since the customer has no chance to try them first. The high average weight of a foam mattress and the difficulty of compressing one once it is expanded makes the cost of returning one prohibitive for most consumers. This is where a shift to a network of contracted local stores and service centers could be helpful. is a proud member of these and other organizations