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SensorPedic is the flagship brand of specialty sleep products maker Soft-Tex Manufacturing Company. Its products include mattresses, mattress pads and toppers, pillows, feather beds, fiber beds, and steel foundation frames.

Soft-Tex touts the SensorPEDIC® Advantage of its memory foam mattresses. They say, "Not all memory foams are alike," claiming that the formulation of their Sensor-FOAM memory foam "outperforms the leading competitor when it comes to comfort, durability, sleeping cool and overall customer sleeping satisfaction." Among the features of this material is its open-cell structure and reduced temperature sensitivity. According to Soft-Tex, bedtime to wakeup time will be comfortable whether the bedroom is cool or warm.

Soft-Tex also has a gel-infused memory foam to cool the mattress while enhancing support.

All this is part of the SensorPedic iCOOL Technology System® in foam, fabric and fabrication. In addition to the memory foam described above, this includes temperature regulating fabrics and ventilation of component materials. They claim their pillows are "5 times more breathable than the leading competitor."

2015 Update

The lineup of SensorPedic products has been narrowed to memory foam products: pillows, toppers and mattresses. There are ten collections: SensorCOOL® Collection, SensorGEL® Luxury Collection, Regal Collection, Grandeur Collection, Bounce® Collection, MemoryCLOUD® Collection, Premium Collection, Classic Collection, MemoryLOFT® Collection, and Travel & Accessory Pillows. All of the collections have pillows. All but two (SensorCOOL® and Travel & Accessory Pillows) have mattress toppers. Only two collections (Regal and Classic) have mattresses. Feather beds, fiber beds, and steel foundation frames are no longer found on the SensorPedic website.

Each of the first nine SensorPedic collections features a particular version of memory foam. Some also feature a fabric, and one features fiber filling.


The Regal Collection has two mattress models, 10-Inch and 12-Inch, featuring gel-infused memory foam. The memory foam in the Classic Collection's one mattress model, 8-Inch, does not have gel.


Most of the SensorPedic pillows have an ergonomic shape. This is intended to cradle the head and support the neck and shoulders.


Each of the SensorPedic toppers has the same featured materials as pillows in the same collection.

Memory Foam

Featured variations of memory foam in SensorPedic collections include gel-infusion, cell structure, ventilation, extra firm, super soft, and highly resilient.

Pillows in the Travel & Accessory collection are primarily differentiated by their specialized shapes.

SensorPedic products are covered by warranties from Soft-Tex. These range from 10 to 20 years, depending on the product. There is a 90-day Sleep Trial Guarantee on all SensorPedic products. is a proud member of these and other organizations