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It is easy to become confused in a web search for "Sleep Comfort." There are at least three manufacturers who who produce mattresses or mattress lines with the name "Sleep Comfort." And there is more than one company in America with "Sleep Comfort" in the name in addition to a "Sleep Comfort" based in Beruit, Lebanon. The Sleep Comfort in this review is Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds with headquarters in San Diego, California, with the web address of Besides adjustable beds, Sleep Comfort also makes mattresses. The company information immediatey following is from their website:


Sleep Comfort Company Information

With home offices in San Diego, California -- we almost always have a sunny outlook on all the rest of the USA. Our staff seems to thrive here which might explain the bright, upbeat attitude you'll always find on the phone with our customer service people. We think it's a great place for the headquarters of Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds!

Service Men in all Fifty States

Whether you live in Alabama, Maine or Texas -- or anywhere else in the U.S. -- you have access to a nationwide network of service technicians in all 50 states always on call for you. If you have a service problem with your Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed, just call toll-free 1-800-648-1207. Our service techs across the U.S. know our products and they're ready to come to your aid at any time. So rest easy. That's our pledge to you from Sleep Comfort.

We Ship Factory Direct

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds are made in the U.S.A. and shipped directly from the factory in Kentucky to your home. We always ship factory direct for lower costs that are passed on to our customers as lower prices. Click here for more information.

We Believe in the Better Business Bureau

Call the San Diego Better Business Bureau at 858-496-2131 for a report on Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds. We're proud of our reputation and record for adhering to their high standards of protecting consumers.



According to the Better Business Bureau of San Diego, Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds started in 1997 in California and was incorporated in 1998. They make and sell adjustable beds, mattresses and accessories (bed sheet sets, matress covers, heated sheets). Although the Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds headquarters is in San Diego, their factory is in Kentucky, centrally located for shipping to the entire country.

The mattresses made by Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds include innerspring, latex, and memory foam. They also sell an air mattress made by ComfortAire, which gives them an array of the most common types of mattresses.

Many of the Sleep Comfort mattresses have dual firmness levels. Selection is determined by which face of the mattress is up. Sleep Comfort's mattresses and adjustable beds carry a Non-Prorated Lifetime Warranty: "Sleep Comfort warrants the entire bed and mattress against defects in material or workmanship for life. All parts including mattress, motors, electronics, mechanism and remote control are covered the same under one warranty. There is never a prorated charge for the part itself--and the purchaser pays ONLY for the shipping cost of the item. And we warrant the bed, not the buyer--so your warranty is transferable."  

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