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Sleep Science

Sleep Science is a brand of memory foam mattresses manufactured by South Bay International. They are, for the most part, sold by Costco. The Sleep Science brand includes mattresses and pillows. The mattresses are Emma, Ara (Vela), Dream, Athena, Ariana and Black Diamond. Other South Bay brands are Advanced Sleep Technologies, ViscoKidz and MotionTrend (adjustable beds).

Here is South Bay International's description of themselves:

South Bay International has been a trusted strategic business partner to many high quality bedding retailers since 1993. We are an OEM manufacturer of products for some of the world’s largest mattress manufacturers and retailers, and the only American based company with its own 700,000 square foot foam factory in Jiaxing, China.

As an OEM manufacturer of visco-memory foam products, we partner with our customers to create customized products to meet their market needs. Our 100% pure visco-memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows are behind some of the most recognizeable brands in the industry, as well as our own adjustable bed base and foundations. We are experts at supporting our customer’s private labels.

Comfort of a domestic partner, with the prices of an import

The visco memory foam used in all Sleep Science mattresses is exclusively manufactured in South Bay International’s company-owned facilities overseas. South Bay International is an American company with ownership in its own visco memory foam factory in Xia Jing, China.

South Bay International had purchased foam in the past, but found it imperative to the future success of our business that we ensure the quality of our product. Therefore, we built our own foam factory and we staff it with quality control personnel who have put strict controls in place to ensure the highest quality visco-memory foam is produced. Our product is also tested on regular intervals by a third party testing laboratory.

South Bay International's 700,000 square foot state of the art, fully integrated factory includes… •Proprietary foam recipes
•All polyurethane and visco foams manufactured on site with modern technology and equipment.
•All mattress core assembly and bonding done on site.
•Rigorous quality control procedures.
•Mattresses are pressure rolled and packaged on site to enable greater product quantity per container, helping to reduce the overall landed cost of the product.
- Research and development is a cooperative effort between our U.S. and Chinese teams.

Just a Note: The product descriptions, including specifications, of Sleep Science mattresses are more detailed on Costco's website than on South Bay's.


Update 2015

Since 2013, The following Sleep Science mattress models are no longer listed by Costco: EleganteEmma, Athena, and Ariana. Newer models are 9" Natural LatexMarinaCarinaEscapeSleep Science 10", and 9" Latex GL. is a proud member of these and other organizations