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South Bay International

South Bay International did not start out as a mattress manufacturer. That came four years into the company's history. Peter Tarquina and Bob Dupre retired from long careers in manufacturing and marketing. Their first goal was to produce back support, and the first products were air bladders for adjustable back support in chairs and pressure cuffs (which use similar technology). This evolved to mechanisms for recliners and other adjustable chairs.

Peter's experience in foam led to making foam pillows, then mattresses. A partnership with a businessman in China, Jack Tang, led to a share of ownership in Chinese factories. Since they are the only ones the factories produce for, they control quality.

Mattress making by South Bay in 1997 was initially OEM (original equipment manufacturing), making mattresses under contract for other manufacturers. Then they began producing their own brands (Advanced Sleep Technologies {AST} and Sleep Science) and private label brands for retailers. Most Sleep Science beds are sold through Costco.

Now South Bay International has another mattress brand of their own, Blissful Nights, available to more retailers. Three of the models are designed for direct online sales, and four for retail showrooms. Some retailers, such as Wayfair, carry mattresses from both sets as welli as AST models (by Blissful Nights) equivalent to Sleep Science models. So Blissful Nights mattresses are essentially non-Costco beds, and are reviewed here under the Blissful Nights brand.

The lineup of Sleep Science mattresses at Costco has been revised for 2015. The new models are reviewed under Sleep Science.

South Bay also makes Motion Trend adjustable beds, which are carried by Costco and Electropedic. is a proud member of these and other organizations