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Like Boyd Specialty Sleep, Strobel Technologies dba Strobel Organic Mattresses began with waterbeds. Dennis Boyd and Mark Strobel began their journeys only a few years apart, both in the Mid-West.

The comfort Mark gained from his waterbed inspired him first to make waterbed frames, then to make the mattresses. Fortunately for him, the technical and business skills he learned growing up proved themselves, and Strobel waterbeds sold. Mark Strobel rode the wave of rising waterbed popularity.

Strobel wanted to find the best bed for back support and overall health. This led to the development of a unique support concept. The Lever Support System was so unique, that its patent has very wide coverage. Like a teeter-totter, when one end of a unit is pressed down, the other end presses up. How does this work on the body? When the hips and shoulders press down on their ends of levers, the other ends press up against the lower back, so the hips and shoulders help support the lumbar. Strobel's Supple-Pedic mattresses utilize this technology. The principle is generally similar to that of the winged slats used by German manufacturer Thomashilfen.

lever_teter Lever-Spring_Animation

Mark Strobel is also concerned with toxins found in the ingredients of many bedding products. He has worked to minimize and eliminate toxins from his mattresses, a goal shared by several other newer mattress manufacturers, such as Naturepedic. They may take different paths, but the goal is the same: a non-toxic sleeping environment.


In line with the non-toxic goal, foams made for Strobel mattresses use plant-originated substances, such as soy oil, as much as possible. Among the foams developed for Strobel mattresses is Polyfilax, a soy-derived equivalent of the original NASA visco foam. It does the job of memory foam without toxins or excess heat.

The lineup of Strobel Organic Mattresses is Supple-Pedic, Strobel Technologies Airbeds, Strobel Technologies Latex Mattresses, and Strobel Waterbeds. Strobel Technologies says the Toxin-Free Innerspring Mattresses will be coming. No further details are available at this time.

Strobel is so confident of the quality of its mattresses that its warranties are longer than those of the Big 3.

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