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Carolina Mattress Guild Reviews

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Carolina Mattress Guild


At the time of this writing, there are at least 115 mattress models listed on the Carolina Mattress Guild website. Four of them are made exclusively for the retailer Sleepy's.

These mattresses are organized into 11 collections and include several basic construction types. Carolina Mattress Guild says, "With so many choices it's easy to find the perfect CMG mattress for you!" The collections are Fresh Touch, Cool Coils, Renew, Cool Flex, Platinum Series, Natural Living, Nature's Image, Town and Country, Aria, and Exclusively for Sleepy's. The types include Bio-Logic Foam Core, Gel Memory Foam, Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils, Natural Latex, Traditional Innerspring, and Soy Foam Core.

The Mattress Collections

The Fresh Touch collection includes the following models: Symmetry, Unity, Serene, Promise, and Elegance. Added to these are three new models introduced in October 2013: Momentum, Advantage and Journey. Carolina Mattress Guild calls this "the perfect blend of Natural Latex, and Cool Breeze Gel Memory foam."

Cool Coils mattresses, with Gel Memory Foam and Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils, include Fusion, Medley (Plush, Firm), and Harmony. To these, Solace (Eurotop, Pillowtop, Boxtop) were added Fall 2013. The mattresses in this collection combine the Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam with Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils to give more support in the center of the sleeping area.

The Cool Flex collection of Natural Latex mattresses are listed as The.Plush, Luxury.Plush, and Ultra.Plush (these are three comfort levels). The signature features AIRVENT fabric technology and Poured Semi-Solid Cool Breeze Gel.

There are 3 Traditional Innerspring mattresses in the Platinum Series: Platinum Firm, Platinum Pillowtop, and Platinum Plush. This collection was introduced in 2011 as the 20th Anniversary limited edition, but it has remained in the line-up. These mattresses in 3 comfort levels feature high coil counts, full foam encasement, organic bamboo and cotton fibers, and an organic micro-denier cover.

The sizable (18 models) Natural Living collection of Carolina Mattress Guild models features mattresses with Soy Foam Cores, Traditional Innersprings, and Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils. The names of these mattresses are Peaceful, Savvy, Innovation, Sanctuary, Energy, Bravo, Spirit, Vibrant, Viva, and Flourish. This collection features "some of the healthiest and most sustainable ingredients that nature has to offer." The types of mattresses in this line include Soy Foam Core, Traditional Innerspring, and Individually-Wrapped Comfort Coils.

Nature's Image models have Soy Foam Core, Traditional Innerspring, and Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils mattresses. This large collection (20 models) features names such as Splendid, Oasis, Indulgence, Embrace, Essential, Balance, Radiant, Vital, and Sincerity. Like the Natural Living mattresses, they feature materials which are sustainable as well as natural.

At this time, Carolina Mattress Guild's Town and Country Collection has 41 Traditional Innerspring mattresses, such as Biscayne, Brookhaven, Cape May, Catalina, Concord, Hampton, Maple Valley, Nottingham, Palm Beach, Pine Ridge, Salem, Seabreeze, Sunset Beach, Sutton Place, and Venice. These mattresses are differentiated mainly by the coil counts, the composition and thicknesses of the comfort layers, and the coverings.

Rooms to Go Exclusives is no longer listed on the Carolina Mattress Guild site

Carolina Mattress Guild now makes a series of mattresses Exclusively for Sleepy's. The four models are Radiant-AirGel-Firm, Radiant-AirGel-Plush, Radiant-AirGel-Pillowtop, and OrthoPosture-Magnifique. These mattresses feature CMG's 660-count Individually Wrapped Coil Unit. The first three have ActivFlo AirGel, a breathable gel memory foam.

Mattresses in the Renew collection are covered with Repreve, a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Three of the six models have soy foam support cores, and the remaining three have wrapped pocket coils.

The three models in the new Premier series use individually wrapped pocket coils.

Another retailer-exclusive Carolina Mattress Guild collection is Aria. The five models (Ibiza, Augustine, Cyprian, Tigris and Gibralter) are made for Mattress1One. These are innerspring mattresses. Details are available from the retailer.

Each of the mattress models from Carolina Mattress Guild (except those in Aria) has a full description on their website. A customer who is interested in any of these mattresses can ask for the location of the nearest dealer on the Contact page.

In the table below, mattresses differ in several values. In two categories, Level of Firmness and Price, the median value is selected.

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    Carolina Mattress Guild Mattresses

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    Carolina Mattress Guild

  • Location

    385 North Drive, Thomasville, NC 27360, Phone: (336) 476-1333, email: info@carolinamattressguild.com

  • Bed Classification

    Innerspring, Foam, Hybrids

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    Innerspring, Memory Foam, Latex Foam, Soy Foam

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Depends on model

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Organic or recycled fibers

  • Total Mattress Height

    Varies by model

  • Bed Foundation

    Wood foundation

  • Special Features

    Depends on collection or model

  • Sleep Trial

    not stated

  • Bed Warranty

    depends on model

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    No stains, sufficient support required

  • Website


Linda S from Danbury, Connecticut says:

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 Purchased on May, 2012
User Information

Location: Danbury, Connecticut

Date Joined: Jun 21, 2013

Last Active: Jun 21, 2013

Other Reviews by Linda S (0)

No reviews found.

Was too expensive for the product I got. Next time I will buy from BJ's Wholesale. They carry a good, comfortable line.

Mattress Rating: 3 starsMattress Comfort: down

I like the firmness, but there does not seem to be enough inner spring "give" to avoid my having sore hips when sleeping on my side.

Mattress Durability: neutral


Mattress Support: up


Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: neutral


Quality: neutral


Was this review helpful? Yes

Jesse F from Swannanoa, North Carolina says:

Posted on Oct 05, 2013 Purchased on Sep, 2013
User Information

Location: Swannanoa, North Carolina

Date Joined: Oct 05, 2013

Last Active: Oct 05, 2013

Other Reviews by Jesse F (0)

No reviews found.

Mattress Rating: 1 starsMattress Durability: down

The Mattress appears durable, but it would in appropriate for me to review its durability after just a week.

Mattress Support: down

Oh it supports you alright, almost too much. Both our backs have hurt every single morning so far.

Mattress Features and Benefits as Advertised: down

Its a mattress! no benefits so far.

Quality: down

It appears to be made of quality materials, but again I would not want to review the level of quality with just after 7 days.

Was this review helpful? Yes

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