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Comfort Craft Brand

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Comfort Craft is one of two InnoMax brands featuring the Convert-A-Bed (CAB) configuration. The other brand with CAB is Luxury Support.

The key to this construction is the modular support core. The buyer of the mattress chooses the type of support. InnoMax says, "It’s Your Choice, Choose Your Support!: Choose between Air, Fluid, Latex, Memory-Cell® or InnoCoil support! By simply changing the inner Modules (Comfort Engine) of this mattress, you get exactly the type of bed & support you’re looking for, plus you have the option of adjusting to soft or firm!"

Comfort Craft has five models: CC9500, Air-Cell/Hydro-Cell, CC5500, Nouveau-Air/Hydro, and CC4500. The CC models have all five options; the X-Cell and Nouveau models have only Air and Fluid.

In King and Queen sized mattresses, there are two support modules, one for each side of the bed. The Latex, Memory-Cell and InnoCoil modules are plush on one side and firm on the other. The firmness can be changed by turning the module over. In the larger sizes (K, Q) this means one side can be firmer or softer than the other.

Firmness in air support depends on the air pressure. Two sleepers on a King or Queen bed have individual controls.

The water support modules are water bladders like those for InnoMax softside waterbeds. The firmness is partly due to how much fluid is in the chamber. However, it is mostly determined by fiber layers in the chamber. These control both the freedom of the water to flow and how firm the bed is. With more layers, flow is less and firmness is greater.

The customer chooses which water chamber goes into a Comfort Craft Water Support Bed. In Queen, Eastern King and Western King sizes, the firmness can be different for the two sides. One advantage this has over latex, Memory-Cell or InnoCoil modules is that there are more choices of firmness. However, the firmness cannot be changed without getting a different module.

One variable with water support modules is the temperature. The fluid in waterbeds is customarily heated. For a two-module beds, each side has its own heater control.

A water support Comfort Craft bed has a full liner to protect against any leaks. It also has a moisture barrier.

The real differences between Comfort Craft models is above the support units. Here they do have some common features. These include Durable Top Enclosure (wrap) and Memory Weave Wrapped Power Edge Support.

CC9500 is the highest Comfort Craft mattress, both in height (16") and in features. The top section is a flippable two-sided duvet cover (pillow top). It is similar to the 2.5" Memory-Cell®/Natural Latex Topper. The two sides are labeled Summer and Winter, with a Center Support Layer in the middle.

The cover fabric on the Winter side is a blend of cotton with bamboo sourced rayon. The outer layer is natural Talalay latex. The next layer is InnoMax's Pillow Flex foam.

The Summer side is Memory-Cell and Pillow Flex covered by organic cotton.

Between the pillow top and the support core(s) is a Multi-Zoned Posture Grid Support. This is to moderate the support from the support core for more support where needed.

The Air-Cell/Hydro-Cell (X-Cell) model shares with Nouveau-Air/Hydro model a replaceable Smart Top. The top cover panel can be removed and replaced. And both models have a wool moisture barrier.

They also share a SelfMending Zipper. Re-zipping the zipper restores it if it happens to separate. Don't you wish your coat zippers were like that?

The X-Cell has a cotton-bamboo rayon stretch-knit cover. The box (euro) top is interchangeable between natural latex and Memory-Cell (InnoMax's version of memory foam).

Nouveau has a "Specially Formulated Comfort Layer" to contour support for the whole body. CC4500 has a similar layer.

The outstanding feature of CC5500 is the infusion of aloe vera into the cover of the pillow top. The comfort layer features Talalay latex.

CC4500 is the simplest of the Comfort Craft beds. The cover is a "cotton fiber blend."

Comfort Craft Brand beds are widely available. Some retailers carry the airbeds and/or waterbeds. Other retailers also list more of the support options. If the mattress is made as ordered, then non-listed support modules may be asked for.

Comfort Craft Brand mattresses and foundations are covered by a 25-year limited warranty, except for Air-Cell/Hydro-Cell (20) and Nouveau (10).

  • Mattress and Bed Set Model Name

    InnoMax Comfort Craft Brand

  • Price Category


  • Listed Manufacturer

    InnoMax Corporation

  • Location

    InnoMax, 530 West Elk Place, Denver, CO 80216, 303-298-0230, Email: sleep@innomax.com

  • Bed Classification

    Support module choice

  • Level of Firmness


  • Inner Bed Composition

    Selectable support module, comfort layers

  • Mattress Edge Support

    Memory Weave Wrapped Power Edge Support

  • Mattress Cover Composition

    Varies - bamboo rayon, cotton, aloe vera

  • Total Mattress Height

    8 to 16 inches

  • Bed Foundation

    Upholstered wood box bases

  • Special Features

    dual air, dual heat, and dual comfort

  • Sleep Trial

    Not specified

  • Bed Warranty

    10, 20, 25

  • Manufactured In


  • Restrictions

    Keep in sanitary condition, and provide proper foundation

  • Website


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