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Blissful Nights

The Blissful Nights brand of all-foam mattresses was created by South Bay International especially for online retailers. It also includes mattresses for in-store sales for those online retailers who also have showrooms.

In 2015 there are seven memory foam mattresses listed by Blissful Nights. All are named after flowers: Blossom, Peony, Dahlia, Lily, Violet, Jasmine, and Kai. The first three are identified as "available online" and the other four as "available in stores." The description of each has a "Buy" tab with links to retailers carrying that model. The links with online available mattresses include Amazon, Wayfair and Olejo Stores. The link for in-store models is to Mattress Connection Hollywood. Both categories of retailers may increase if the brand's market share grows.

Two of the models also have layers of latex in addition to the memory foam. Some mattresses have gel-infused foam. All have polyurethane foam support cores.

wedge technology1

Two key features of Blissful Nights mattresses are the Wedge Edge and the Air Channel Support Base.  All of the models have the Wedge, a wedge-shaped rail of extra firm foam around the top layer or two of the mattress (the comfort foams are cut to fit the Wedge). This is edge support for the sleeping surface.  Most other foam mattresses rely on the support core for edge support.

channel technology2_2

All but one of the Blissful Nights models have the Air Channel Support Base. A grid of channels is cut into the top surface of the foam support core to allow air circulation in the middle of the mattress.

Some Blissful Nights models feature a top layer of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal. Other features found in select models are Air Luxe cover fabric and channel-cut support foam.

Some retailers of Blissful Nights mattresses also carry several of South Bay's Advanced Sleep Technologies mattresses "by Blissful Nights." These are similar to Sleep Science mattresses carried by Costco. is a proud member of these and other organizations