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Carpenter Company began in 1948. E. Rhodes Carpenter was a latex cushioning distributor. In 1956 he brought production of urethane foam to North America. After starting several production plants in the United States and Canada and acquiring other foam producers around the globe, Carpenter Co. claims to be the largest manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam in the world.

Along the way, Carpenter has developed and refined many new foams. Several of these are found in the descriptions of mattresses reviewed on Beds.Org. These are Avela, Avena, Isotonic, Omalon, Renew and Hypersoft.


One of these, Avena, is seen as a rival to latex foam, and it is the focus of several online comparisons of mattresses by Casper and Leesa.

Foams are not the only bedding ingredients produced by Carpenter. They also make fibers: Celliant Fiber, ProTech, Polyester Fiber Quilting Rolls, and Densified Fiber Mattress Pads. ProTech is a flame resistant fiber used by many mattress manufactures to avoid the use of toxic chemical fire retardants.


Carpenter has also developed hole punch technology for foams and the compression and packaging of foam mattresses.

Avena Foam RV Mattress

Carpenter is not only a producer of foam. It also uses it in bedding products of its own. Most of these are pillows and mattress toppers. But Carpenteer also makes a few mattresses. RV mattresses featuring Avena are sold by Camping World, and Isotonic is the signature material in two mattress models bearing the name of Carpenter subsidiary Sleep Better and sold online by Bed Bath & Beyond. The company does not sell any of its products directly to consumers. is a proud member of these and other organizations