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Pure Talalay Bliss

Pure Latex Bliss


Pure Latex Bliss is a rather new mattress manufacturer. It was started in 2009 by Kurt Ling, CEO, in Atlanta, Georgia, but it has an international presence; on the company banner it says, "Atlanta - London - Paris - Hong Kong." In 2011, it was bought by Latex International, of Shelton, Connecticut, the largest US manufacturer of latex. PLB's "key principles" are:

1) We believe every single person we do business with deserves dignity and respect, even when it is hard to do under intense circumstances.
2) We believe our relationships precede our productivity.
3) We believe we must be creative in everything we do.

As the name implies, Pure Latex Bliss makes latex mattresses in three collections: Natural, Hybrid, All Natural. Basically, latex is unvulcanized rubber. Purely natural latex is made from the sap of the Amazon rubber tree (which is now also grown in SE Asia). In manufacturing, "natural" latex contains both natural tree sap and synthetic latex, while "all natural" is made from 100% tree sap. The "natural" latex does not contain petroleum, but is made from other plant derivatives (for example, soy).

Mattresses in the Pure Latex Bliss Hybrid Collection include gel-infused latex, called "ActiveFusion" by PLB. They also feature phase change materials in the fabrics and in the latex to keep an even temperature. The models in the Hybrid collection are marked as either "fast" or "slow" response.

Pure Latex Bliss mattresses are sold through many online retailers. A few of them are Sears, Amazon, Blackberry Creek Mattress, The Sleep Shoppe, Boyd's Outlaw Sleep Centers, Best Mattress Buys, eBay, and Beds Unlimited. Prices are usually in the $$$ range.

Besides mattresses, Pure Latex bliss also makes toopers and pillows.


In 2014 Pure Latex Bliss added the Prestige Collection. Latex in the comfort layers of these models is infused with graphite.


2016 Update

Pure Latex Bliss has changed its name.  It is now Pure Talalay Bliss (PTB). The new name reflects the fact that the only form of latex used in its mattresses is Talalay latex. The product line still consists of mattresses, toppers and pillows.

Rather than four collections with a number of models in each, PTB has six mattress models in their Mattress Collection. These are

Custom Choice - Talalay Active
Pamper - Talalay Active
Nature - Talalay Active
Nutrition - Talalay Active
Beautiful - Talalay Active
World’s Best Bed™ - Talalay Active

Custom Choice is a new model. The other five were in the former Natural Collection, with variants using all-natural latex (no blends) in the former All-Natural Collection. Models in the former Hybrid Collection (using latex infused with gel) and Prestige Collection (latex infused with graphite) have been discontinued.

The PTB Mattress Collection is also known as ActiveFusion. Each mattress is made of 100% Talalay latex. No fibers or non-latex foams will be in these models. This means that no gel or graphite is added to the latex.

However, one thing has been added. This is where the "Active Fusion" comes into play. Phase change materials have been added to the cover and blended into the top layer of latex. This is the fabled "Goldilocks" ingredient which cools warm sleepers and warms cool sleepers by absorbing or releasing heat as needed.


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