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Spring Time Bedding

Spring Time Bedding, Inc., located in South Hackensack, New Jersey, is a mattress manufacturer. All but two of the series in their collection are innerspring mattresses. According to their website, they have 30 years experience in making mattresses, but give few details. Here is their account:


Our History

Spring Time Mattress company grew from a small, 3000 sq ft manufacturing plant into a large state-of-the-art facility of 75000 sq ft in South Hackensack, NJ. We produce a full line of high quality mattress using fibers made from the highest technology, the latest high density foam, and the most recetly developed spring units- all improved to satisfy our customers with a great quality product. We work our hardest so that you may enjoy every night with a comfortable sleep you deserve.

Our experience of 30 years of quality workmanship will you ensure a long-lasting product that can be appreciated for a lifetime.


When Spring Time designs a new product, we spend countless hours in order to come up with the best solutions for a truly supportive construction with a smooth and cozy feel. We continue to update our collections by combining full zoned firm edge spring units and pure high density foam with the finest fabrics manufactured across the world to achieve supreme support and comfort.

At Spring Time we produce each mattress out of high quality foam of varied firmness, giving support to your body on areas where weight is concentrated so that your mattress remains a luxurious retreat in your bedroom to enjoy for years to come.

We have a full line-up of different values to cater to all tastes with very economical prices, in order to ensure everyone a daily good night’s sleep.


There are 14 series in the Spring Time Bedding mattress collection: Vinyl & Smooth Top, Maginificent, Cozy Night/Orthopedic, Spine Center/Madison, Sleep Harbor/Chiro Touch, Twilight/Clear Skys, Sleep Sensation, Micro Sleep, Sarah Collection, White Diamond, Oceaine Dreams, Emerald Luxury, Topaz, and Go Pedic. Two of them (Emerald Luxury and Topaz) bear the Medicci & Saville brand. Vinyl & Smooth Top models are CFR foam mattresses. Go Pedic models are latex mattresses. All the others are innerspring models.

Spring Time Bedding products are sold through retailers in and close to New Jersey. There may be others which couldn't be found online. It seems that most of them do not have websites. But the company does have a Facebook page, and they show several of their models there. They exhibit at the High Point furniture shows.


Spring Time Bedding has now moved their production to a larger facility in Teterboro, New Jersey. They have introduced the new Handcrafted Collection, a line of hand-tufted hybrid mattresses.


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