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The Symbol Mattress Company, based in Richmond, VA, has an extensive array of products, including innerspring, all-foam, and hybrid mattresses. In 2013 they had five lines of mattresses: Premium, Comfort 4U, Comfortec, Traditional, and Contract. The Premium series is five collections of high-end foam and innerspring mattresses. Comfort 4U is a series/collection of three models of foam mattresses, memory foam, gel foam, and latex foam. The Comfortec series, with four collections, is foam-encased mattresses with enclosed coils. The Traditional series of six collections has traditional innerspring, all-foam, foam-encased, and gel memory foam models. And the Contract series consists of dormitory mattresses, three all-foam and three innerspring.

As stated in their statement, Symbol Mattress Company does not sell directly to consumers, but distributes its mattresses to authorized dealers. Some of these retailers may use their own trade names for the models they carry, which is also the case for other manufacturers.

The company's own Statement follows:

About Symbol Mattress

Symbol Mattress is a top 15 bedding producer that was founded in Richmond, Virginia over 50 years ago. Symbol Mattress was incorporated in 1961 as Eastern Sleep Products with the business plan to provide low cost, value driven products to the retail bedding trade. Today, Symbol Mattress produces a broad line of bedding products ranging from promotional to premium retail price points and a broad spectrum of comfort and support features. In addition, Symbol has expanded its offerings to include sleep products for the health care, dormitory, rent to own and hospitality industries.

Symbol Mattress operates factories in six states with over a million square feet of real estate dedicated solely to the production and distribution of quality sleep products. Symbol Mattress is committed to excellence through the best technology available. All of the plants feature state of the art material handling systems, automated upholstery equipment and a full line of urethane foam processing machinery. Our ability to process components in house versus outsourcing allows us to maintain tight control over quality and costs. This advantage is reflected in our consistent quality and value to our customers.

Symbol Mattress is committed to providing our employees with a working environment that promotes safety and family values. By offering a stable, safe work environment, our associates have embraced this atmosphere with a dedication to our mission statement of providing value, comfort and quality to our customers. Over 50% of our employees have worked for Symbol more than 10 years and 30% for 15 years to 45 years. We thank all of our associates for their dedication.

We provide fast, low-cost delivery with our company owned fleet of trucks and federally certified driver associates.

Our bedding products are sold exclusively through a network of Authorized Symbol Mattress Retailers. We do not sell directly to the public.


• Richmond, Virginia- Corporate Office & Factory
• Reading, Pennsylvania
• Jasper, Alabama
• Watertown, Wisconsin
• Orlando, Florida
• Dayville, Connecticut

2015 Update

Symbol Mattress has revised its product line.  It now consists of three series: Contemporary SeriesPremium SeriesTraditional Series.

The Contemporary Series is the largest, with 14 models: Unite-InspireUnite-ConnectUnite-Renew, Windsor Pillow TopKensingtonConover Summit TopWestminsterSt. George Gel and Memory FoamSt. George Memory FoamFreedom 13" Gel and LatexFreedom 11" Gel and Memory FoamFreedom 13" Memory FoamFreedom 11" Memory Foam, and Freedom 8" Gel and Memory Foam.

The Premium Series has five models: Signature MCS SeriesSignatureAllianceJasmine and Scarlett.

The Traditional Series is the smallest, with four models: LotusHeartlandShelton and Cavalier.

Symbol may still be making Contract mattresses for institutional clients, but they are not now listed on their site.

2016 Update

As of early 2016, Symbol Mattress still has three collections listed on its website. The site itself has been updated with a comtemporary format designed to be co-compatible with desktop and laptop computers as well as tablets and smart phones. This makes it easier for users familiar with the current format to navigate their site. At the same time, it is easy enough for users of traditional formats to learn to get around on it.

The same models are described on the 2016 site as on the 2015 version:

Contemporary Series: Unite-Inspire, Unite-Connect, Unite-Renew, Windsor Pillow Top, Kensington, Conover Summit Top, Westminster, St. George Gel and Memory Foam, St. George Memory Foam, Freedom 13" Gel and Latex, Freedom 11" Gel and Memory Foam, Freedom 13" Memory Foam, Freedom 11" Memory Foam, Freedom 8" Gel and Memory Foam.

Premium Series: Signature MCS Series, Signature, Alliance, Jasmine, Scarlett.

Traditional Series: Lotus, Heartland, Shelton, Cavalier.

True-to-form, retailers vary widely in the Symbol Mattress models they carry. Some models have the same names and descriptions as those on the manufacturer's site. But most of the models have different names, and often they are not an exact equivalent of Symbol's listed mattresses.

Some retailers are listing models from older collections. It appears that some of the Symbol plants continue to produce models which retailers request. What this indicates is that the manufacturer is yielding to local consumer demand. This is important, since most of the retailers are local and regional firms rather than national chains.

Besides traditional retailers, such as furniture stores, Symbol mattresses are also carried by rental stores on a rent-to-own basis. Two are covered here: Rent-2-Own in Ohio, and Rent One in St. Louis.

The first rental store has three Symbol Mattress models; the second has five. Two are caried by both outfits, and one of these is also listed on the manufacturer's site. Rent-to-Own lists Belle, Jasmine and Aurora. Rent One's listing includes Emma, Sophie, Jasmine, Aurora and Serenity. Jasmine is the one on Symbol's site.

For both rental firms, two sizes are available, Queen and King. Both list the weekly rental rate followed by the retail price. Rent-2-Own's rates are based on a 65-week term. Rent One's is for 24 weeks. Expect the same kind of variety among other rental stores.

On the corporate side, Symbol Mattress now has the license for the production and distribution of Englander mattresses in New York and New England. is a proud member of these and other organizations