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Customatic Adjustable Bedz is a United States firm which designs and  produces adjustable beds. Their motto is "Sleep better, live longer." Their products are not sold directly to the public, but are available to retailers and distributors. Besides their own brands, Customatic produces adjustable beds/bases/foundations for other companies, such as Mantua Manufacturing (Rize brand) and HSM Solutions [formerly Hickory Springs Manufacturing] (Hickory at Home). As to their products, Customatic says, "Whether you're reading an engaging novel, surfing the internet on your laptop, watching your favorite TV program, or simply unwinding from your busy day, your CUSTOMATIC® Adjustable Bed is always there to meet your body's every desire."

Customatic has over 13 named models with a wide range of designs and features: The Activa, Streamline, The Freestyle, The Lounger, The Spree, The Fashion, The In-Style, NOVA, The Triflex, The Privia, The Sectional-5, Skyline, and DreamStar. Among the features of these models are (from the Customatic site): Customized Body Positioning, Innovative Leg Lowering “LOUNGE” Feature, Leg Lowering Lounge Feature, Exclusive Safety "GRAVITY-RELEASE" Lift System, LED Night Light, Under Bed Night Light Feature, Relaxing Massage, Power Surge & Electrical Outages Protection, Custom Hand Remotes, Soothing Sound Machine, Exclusive Lumbar Control, Lumbar Control Feature, Built-In Electrical Outlets, Designer Furniture Style Legs, and Designer Fabric Options.

According to the company's "About" webpage, as well as industry news sources, Customatic Adjustable Bedz works with a manufacturer in Taiwan which manufactures most of the Customatic beds. This is reflected in the prices, which are lower than typical name brands. However, being made in Taiwan rather than mainland China probably means more reliable quality.

Other than as Hickory at Home and Rize brands, Customatic Adjustable Bedz products are available through Sleepy's and Mattress Discounters, as well as other retailers. Some of the beds listed have a 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

2015 Update

Customatic has added two models to its lineup: One Motor Deck and The Genesis.  It has also merged two pairs of models. The Activa and The Freestyle are now The Activa/FreeStyle, and The Instyle and NOVA are now Instyle/NOVA.

Models Update, Sept 2015

Models and series added to Customatic's lineup of adjustable beds include Equinox, Incline, Visionary, Genesis, ConturaFlex line, and the iFit Sleep System. Equinox is a deck-on-deck base that has the lounge feature. Incline apparently is the One Motor Deck renamed. Visionary has the sum of Customatic technology. Genesis is a more affordable advanced model with basic features. And the last item is a partnership between Customatic and the parent company of iFit fitness monitoring services, ICON.

2016 Update

Customatic Adjustable Bedz has unveiled a new division, myContour, to make mattresses especially for their adjustable beds. This new line was announced during the 2016 Winter Market in Las Vegas.

The manufacturer of adjustable bases for other companies, especially mattress manufacturers, Customatic also sells them itself to consumers, as well as supplying the adjustable bed segments of bed accessories companies such as Mantua.

According to industry news sources, myContour consists of three models. These are the CST Mattress, INSPIRE, and Butterfly King. Each offers solutions to specific needs. is a proud member of these and other organizations