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King Koil

King Koil has been manufacturing beds since 1898. It changed its name to Comfort Solutions in 2005. Comfort Solutions/King Koil is the parent company for other brands as well, including XL Extended Life beds, Perfect Contour, and Laura Ashley. King Koil/Comfort Solutions states that they use advanced materials and construction to build a better bed.

Comfort Solutions is located at 7501 S. Quincy Street Suite 130, Willowbrook, IL 60527, or can be reached by phone at 1-800-525-8331. For warranty purposes, the Comfort Solutions website will direct you to contact the closest factory to your residence for assistance. It has 60 manufacturing facilities in 40 countries. These are mostly contract plants, operated independently under license from Comfort Solutions.  [Note:  This has been revised - see the last update below]

King Koil promotes three lines on their website: King Koil Posture Sense, the flagship mattress; King Koil Posture Sense Response, a hybrid; and King Koil Extended Life, mattresses designed for durability. A visit to a major online retailer listed 12 models when optional features were included.

The King Koil website features information on these topics: Cool Cell™ Technology, Proper Spine Alignment, Pressure Relief and Support, Firm Support, Zoned Support, Reduced Motion Disturbance, and several others. They state that the King Koil mattresses are "Engineered in cooperation with, and endorsed by, the International Chiropractors Association."

UPDATE (2013)

Mid-2013, King Koil announced that it is changing the name of its United States operations from Comfort Solutions back to King Koil. The company began as "United States Bedding" in 1898, then became "King Koil." In 2005, the name was changed to "Comfort Solutions" to more broadly reflect the products, although international licensing was still under "King Koil." The change back to King Koil is to keep the company identified with its best known mattresses.

King Koil also revised it list of brands. The King Koil brands are now King Koil (including Posture Sense, Posture Sense Response, and eXtended Life), iMattress, Dr. Breus Bed, Laura Ashley, Natural Response, and Sleep iD. The King Koil mattresses are innerspring mattresses, and are designed in cooperation with the International Chriopractors Association. The iMattress models are memory foam mattresses, both all foam and hybrid. The Dr. Breus Bed is described as "the first and only mattresses designed by a sleep doctor." The Laura Ashley brand consists of mattresses designed for and by English fashion designer Laura Ashley. The Natural Response brand is marked as "coming soon." King Koil says, "[The] Natural Response Mattress conforms naturally to your body curves."

The last brand, Sleep iD, is really a system for selecting mattresses, referred to by King Koil as "science diagnostics to make mattress shopping easier." It's apparent similarity to Kingsdown's bedMatch led to a patent suit in 2011 which was dismissed in 2013.

The last link on the King Koil "brands" drop-down menu is "Flare mattress designs." The Flare design mattress flares at the top for a larger sleep surface while still fitting into standard size beds. Using a custom cut of high density premium foam, 6" is added to the width of the sleeping surface. This changes the profile of the end of the mattress from a rectangle to a trapezoid. King Koil promotes this feature with, "Supersize it."

UPDATE (2015)

King Koil updated most of its product lines for 2015. For instance, two separate series under the iMattress Brand (G Series and Hybrid Series). They have also introduced two new co-branded lines, Duck Dynasty and Donny Osmond Home. Other brands and lines have been updated with new models, which are being phased in at retailers as existing models are sold down.

Along with product revisions, King Koil has revised their website. Four main tabs across the top are find a mattress, how to buy, mattress expert blog, and customer service. The find a mattress page has three ways of finding a mattress: by Type (Innerspring, Memory foam, Hybrid), by Comfort (Ultra Plush, Plush, Firm, Extra Firm, Medium Firm), and by Collection (World Luxury, iMattress, Extended Life, Laura Ashley, Duck Dynasty, Posture Sense).  Missing are the Flare mattresses and Dr. Breuss Beds,

King Koil has added a blog, with seven posts so far. The first article dates from September 2014. Two of the posts are about their Extended Life (XL) collection.

The Customer Service page has a brief note about King Koil's customer service. Blow this are links to a contact form (Send us a message), Chat Now, Product Registration, and Warranty Information. Previously, customers were told to contact the nearest licensed factory for warranty issues, but now the site has links to a warranty guide and a claim service form along with listing the email address for the service center.  In the middle is a phone number for those who prefer to call.

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