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Customatic Adjustable Bedz 
myContour Line

Customatic Adjustable Bedz has unveiled a new division, myContour, to make mattresses especially for their adjustable beds. This new line was announced during the 2016 Winter Market in Las Vegas.

The manufacturer of adjustable bases for other companies, especially mattress manufacturers, Customatic also sells them itself to consumers, as well as supplying the adjustable bed segments of bed accessories companies such as Mantua.

According to industry news sources, myContour consists of three models. These are the CST Mattress, INSPIRE, and Butterfly King. Each offers solutions to specific needs.

CST stands for Custom Support Technology. Each sleeper in a bed can adjust the firmness level. Though the support system is not specified, the description is consistent with air bed technology.

This is also a smart bed, using a feature labeled PostureScan, a system which monitors and adjusts specified parameters. News releases describe it as "hyper-responsive." This puts it in direct competition with other smart beds, such as the x12 by Sleep Number, but is a natural extension of Customatic's own iFit Sleep System.

INSPIRE is, in the comfort layers, a specialty hybrid. It has both memory foam and latex. The support core is not described in the news articles, but will be given in the mattress review when more information is available.

The Butterfly King is especially for couples using a split king adjustable bed. Split-top mattresses, such as the U15 by Comfortaire, are already in the market for couples using a split-top adjustable foundation. The Butterfly goes a step further, splitting the foot of the mattress as well. With a split king adjustable bed synched for the center section only, each sleeping partner can adjust the head or foot of his or her side of the bed, but still be in line in the center section. Could we call this "adjustable oneness"?

I see this as only the start. Other mattress solutions for adjustable beds are likely to come, and not just from Customatic, though they are the leading innovator at this time. is a proud member of these and other organizations