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Since 1895, A Family-Owned Independent Mattress Company

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Omaha Bedding Company was established in 1895 in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a family-owned business, and it still is. The company was not incorporated until 33 years later in 1928. It is the largest independent mattress manufacturer in the Midwest. All of their mattresses are made in the U.S.A.

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The Market

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Unlike most other manufacturers of mattresses, beds, and bedding, Omaha Bedding Company does not sell its products directly online, but sells to retailers. Currently these include Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM), Homemakers Furniture, Mattresses & AccessoriesBig Furniture Website (BFW), and Lincoln Comfort Center. A few retailers which had carried Omaha Bedding, such as Vander Stoep Furniture & Flooring, no longer sell mattresses.

Online Sales and Shipping

Even though Omaha Bedding Company is not a national brand, their mattresses are available to those living in 48 states

NFM and Homemakers do sell online, and they do deliver or ship. However, the cost of delivery or shipping depends on the destination. NFM charges for shipping, but they also have stores in Omaha (2), Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas City, and Des Moines, and can ship to any of the contiguous states except California and Nevada. The cost of a mattress plus the shipping is about the cost of many popular online mattresses, and unless one of the Bed-in-a-Box models, it is not compressed into a box.

If you are in Iowa, Homemakers delivers for free. Homemakers contracts with commercial carriers going to out-of-state shipping destinations. It appears that they can ship to California and Nevada, at least it has not yet been ruled out.

BFW is a catalog service, which does not sell the products itself but lists retailers with a selected brand near the shopper.

Mattress Collections

In 2013, when this review was first written, the company had the Master Sleep Series and four collections: Heirloom Collection, Berkshire Collection, Original Four Seasons Bed T446, and Contract Bedding. The Heirloom Collection, though described separately, was listed as a collection in the Master Sleep Series.

The line-up of mattress has changed, which is to be expected over a six-year period. Now, in 2019, Omaha Bedding lists six collections plus hospitality and contract sales and a bed-in-a-box. The Master Sleep name has been changed to Mastersleep and is restricted to one collection. The collections are as follows:

  • The Berkshire Collection
  • The Coil Free Collection
  • The Heirloom Collection
  • The Rejuvenate Collection
  • The Diamond Collection
  • Mastersleep Gel Foam Collection
  • Hospitality and Contract Sales
  • Bed in a Box

The Berkshire Collection

Mattresses in the Berkshire Collection have been especially designed for Omaha Bedding’s largest retailer, Nebraska Furniture Mart. Some of the names of model series within this collection are Legacy, Regent, Ultra Rest, and Warren Elite (there is an Ultra Rest which is not Berkshire). The Warren series was named after Warren Buffet, principal stockholder of Berkshire Hathaway).

Mattresses in the Berkshire Collection have wrapped pocket coil support with Gel Visco memory foam in the comfort layers. These are two-sided mattresses, which increases their useful life. The pocket coil array is encased in foam, which acts as edge support while holding the independent coils in place.

The Coil Free Collection

As the name indicates, this is a collection of all-foam mattresses. Omaha bedding Company claims that they have “balanced temperature.” Featured materials available in Coil Free mattresses are:

  • Cool Comfort gel memory foam in the upper layers.
  • Talalay latex, described as “100% pure talalay latex” which is “made from natural ingredients.”
  • Memory foam with a high density, ensuring greater conformity and pressure relief.

The support cores in the Coil Free Collection are high-density foam.

The Heirloom Collection

If “Heirloom” brings to mind older styles and technology, that is right. A heavy-duty coil system (double offset coils) has cushioning layers of compressed cotton. That’s right, COTTON! According to Omaha Bedding Co., there are 34 lbs. of cotton in a mattress. OBC garnets the raw cotton itself.

More up-to-date, there are other materials added, such as polyester and foams. The foams include memory foam, high-density foam, and latex.

The coil system is zoned. The number of zones is not stated, but is presumably three. Omaha Bedding says these are rows of alternating coils, meaning right-turn coils alternate with left-turn coils. This balances the support, making it more stable.

One Heirloom model series is Chiro Posture, available at both NFM and Homemakers.

The Rejuvenate Collection

One thing which sets this collection apart from the others is its one-sided mattresses. This allows deeper comfort layers above the support core for the same height mattress. Featured in this collection are wrapped pocket coils, foam encasement edge support, Cool Comfort gel memory foam, and heavy-duty steel box springs (the frame is steel instead of wood).

The Diamond Collection

This collection is similar to the Rejuvenate Collection. The differences are (1) the mattresses are two-sided, and (2) available foams include Talalay latex.

Mastersleep Gel Foam Collection

This is another all-foam mattress collection. As is implied in the name, these mattresses feature gel memory foam, OBC’s Cool Comfort variety. The support cores are firm high-density polyurethane foam. The Bed in a Box models (see below) are from this collection.

Hospitality and Contract Sales

Among Omaha Bedding Company’s customers are businesses, institutions, and government agencies with sleeping accommodations. This includes major hotel chains, independent hotels, motels, and resorts, colleges, etc. The mattresses can be customized for individual customers.

Bed in a Box

Mattresses in the Mastersleep Gel Foam Collection (see above) can be compressed, rolled, vacuum-sealed, and put into a box for package shipping or easy pickup from a store. The OBC page does not say whether this is an option or all Mastersleep mattresses are sold as boxed beds.

Customer Response

Since the availability of Omaha Bedding Company’s mattresses is limited to a few outlets, customer reviews are hard to find and compile compared to those on Amazon and Wayfair. However, there are two customer reviews of the Master Sleep Series on and 356 ratings on GoodBed.

Two customers rated Master Sleep Series mattresses on They had owned the mattresses for 9 and 6 years. One rated it 5 Stars, the other 3 Stars, for an average rating of 3.5 Stars.

On GoodBed, 356 owners of Omaha Bedding Company mattresses rated theirs with an average rating of 3.19 for the brand overall. However, GoodBed weighed several factors, including whether the owner would recommend that mattress to friends, and gave OBC an 85% owner satisfaction rating.

Most did not name their model, but some did, naming 24 models, the greatest number being Berkshire models. Also on GoodBed, most of these owners rated their mattresses on four issues: Back Support, Pressure Relief, Sleep Quality, and Stays "Cool." The average ratings for these were:

Issue Grade Average Rating Number of Ratings
Back Support Fair 3.0 349
Pressure Relief Fair 3.0 350
Sleep Quality Same 3.2 316
Stays "Cool" Fair 3.5 342

The overall weighted average rating for these issues was 3.2, essentially the same as the average overall rating for the brand.

It should be noted that customer reviews of mattresses on GoodBed are usually lower than those on Amazon when the same model is rated on both sites. It should also be noted that most of OBC’s mattresses are innerspring models, which generally receive lower customer ratings than memory foam mattresses.

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